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Wide Area Network (WAN)

We operate a flexible, tailored approach to accommodate the specific connectivity needs of your business now and in the future. 

As a wide area network (WAN) business provider, we work with several suppliers. We will provide you with the best pricing and availability on a range of connectivity services depending on your business requirements. 

Choosing the right Internet Service Provider (ISP) for business wide-area networking and selecting an appropriate level of Internet service (speed) for your business is an important decision. In addition to speed and cost, you should also consider availability, convenience and reliability. 

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That’s how many UK data centres are underpinning Silver Lining’s IT solutions.


Whether connecting two or two hundred sites, MPLS connectivity ensures rapid scalability, faster core service performance, better bandwidth utilisation, reduced network congestion and a better end-user experience for clients with multiple locations. 


SD-WANs direct traffic uses a centralised control function, which increases performance and delivers an exceptional user experience. This then leads to increased business productivity, and more agile infrastructure, significantly reducing costs for IT. 


Proactive Monitoring

Silver Lining is partnered with SolarWinds’ best-in-class monitoring platform, Orion, to monitor and manage your network performance effectively. 

4G & 5G Data Solutions

Almost all of the functionality on a modern smartphone requires data to work. Get the mobile data solutions you need to enable your business to compete from anywhere.


Our Service Desk provides scalable, comprehensive, real-time reporting on tickets so we can maintain ongoing individual management of your tickets. 

We can’t wait to work with you. Connect with us today and find out how we can help.

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