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Videos: Horizon Tutorial


Get to know a few of the compatible handsets we offer with the Horizon platform, from portable DECT phones to full-featured touchscreen desk handsets.

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Adding a User

In this video we add our new (entirely fictional) agent, Peter Parker, to the Horizon platform. Follow along with the process.

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Handset Setup

In our last video we added Peter Parker to the platform. This time around, we configure his handset for him using the web portal.

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Voicemail Setup

Our agent Peter Parker has a user account and a configured handset now, but what if he can’t get to the phone? Let’s set up his voicemail.

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Transfer & Conference

In this video, we take a break from setting up Peter Parker’s handset to teach him how to transfer calls and use call conferencing. You’re welcome to watch and learn too!

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Web Portal

We’re done with the admin side of setting up Peter Parker’s handset. This time, we let him take the reins and log into the web portal to configure things himself.

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CLI & Remote Office

We’re almost done! For his final lesson, Peter Parker learns how to customise his caller ID, and how to make and take calls using his mobile.

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