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For your organisation to function efficiently and securely, regular assessments are required to ensure that all vulnerabilities are identified and resolved.

Silver Lining offers a range of network security testing services, ranging from a non-intrusive vulnerability assessment service to full infrastructure penetration testing. 

As a networking penetration testing provider, we will work around your schedule to best suit your business needs and offer our testing services  remotely and on-site. Regardless of the location, a full penetration test security audit will include discovery, enumeration, and exploitation to ensure maximum cybersecurity. This then gets compiled into a report for you. 

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This is how many of the companies targeted with ransomware end up paying the demanded money.

What is a..._

What is Pen Testing?

Pen testing is short for penetration testing, and is an authorised cyber-attack against your IT system to check for exploitable vulnerabilities. It can also be used to probe a firewall. 

By contrast, vulnerability assessments only give a quick overview of the security environment.   

 Silver Lining prevents cyber-attacks through IT security audits to create the highest security for your business network as network pen testing providers. 

What are the benefits_

What are the benefits of Pen Testing?

  • Know your security strengths
  • Better protection from cyberattacks
  • Peace of mind
  • Customer confidence
  • Avoid paying ransomware

You can’t fix issues you aren’t aware of. Get in touch today to see how we can help.

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