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Case Study: Autonet Insurance Group






  • PCI-DSS compliance


  • Speed to market
  • Visible customer journey
  • Business agility
  • Business continuity
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Protect customer card data in compliance with PCI-DSS standards.

Autonet, the UK’s leading insurance broker at the forefront of customer data security takes the lead by implementing an innovative solution to ensure the security of customer credit card data over the phone. Autonet’s solution meets and exceeds the latest Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS).

As an FCA regulated company, Autonet is required to record all phone calls including card transactions taken over the phone.

While there are various solutions available, Autonet’s executives were concerned that they needed an electronic payment system that would be efficient and easy to manage as well as one that would be accepted by their staff of trained professionals.

The system needed to be cost-effective, and able to integrate with Autonet’s existing telephone and computer infrastructure with minimal disruption, a solution to collate phone & offline payments.

“The key consideration here was to go with one supplier who could deliver the entire solution end-to-end,” explains Chris McDonald, Head of Telecommunications for Autonet. “We really wanted one integrated platform that encompassed the whole solution. We needed a solution that reduced PCI compliance directives for card voice transactions. Silver Lining delivered and exceeded our needs and expectations in one wrapped solution.”


Specialised software that significantly reduces the scope of PCI-DSS compliance for card data within the contact centre.

Silver Lining worked with Autonet to provide a solution that would reduce PCI-DSS auditing scope for its card payments, removing the requirement for costly security measures whilst ensuring Autonet met the conditions issued by their payment provider.

The solution provided to Autonet allows for the taking and management of telephony and online payments. The Autonet PCI solution provides a user-friendly, web-based payment portal for customer service agents, allowing them to monitor the payment process while retaining full interaction with the customer. The application integrates with the Autonet CRM and payment provider making the processing of payments quick, easy and secure.

Our solution uses software which integrates seamlessly within the payment process and masks the DTMF tones from a phone with flat tones. While speaking to an agent, customers input their credit and debit card details via their phone’s keypad; the number is not visible (or audible) to the agent and therefore cannot be recorded.

During the transaction, the agent’s computer displays the customer’s card number as asterisks (the last four digits show), and the payment is processed via Autonet’s hosted web portal.

After initial negotiation and evaluation, Silver Lining began the implementation of its solution. Staff were provided full training and given instructions to help them through the first few days with the new functionality. Silver Lining staff visited Autonet’s premises and were on call to deal with any issues during installation and beyond.

Silver Lining has maintained a relationship with Autonet and has advised them on cost-effective strategies for dealing with legacy data and the future development of the system.

“We needed a solution that reduced PCI compliance directives for credit & debit card transactions. Silver Lining delivered and exceeded our needs and expectations in one wrapped solution.”

Chris McDonald, Head of Telecoms, Autonet Insurance Group



Silver Lining provided a cost-effective solution that ensures card holder data is eliminated from our telephone based payments.  The average time staff spend processing payment calls was significantly reduced with potential savings for man-hours and recruitment.


The simplicity of the new system’s automatic process meant that staff had a short learning curve to undertake. In trials conducted just after the installation, managers found that the time taken to process a payment had been cut by more than half. Since completion, the new system has also proved to be stable with a minimum of downtime experienced.


The potential for fraud by staff is virtually eliminated, since agents no longer have any access to customers’ credit card data at the point of processing the payment.

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