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Vertical Markets

Silver Lining has spent years discerning the unique requirements of specific industries. Let us put our expertise to work for you.

It may feel as though there’s only one option for WiFi, or a modem, or a virtual attendant. No matter where you go you see the same systems in place. But we know better. IT solutions can’t be one size fits all. Every industry needs different things from their infrastructure and support.

That’s why Silver Lining have tailored options for a variety of industries. We specialise in select vertical markets, from healthcare to serviced offices, and can help you raise your business to the top of its class.

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That’s the amount of customers who expect businesses to come up with new ways for them to get existing products and services.


You help your clients hit the ground running with turn-key office space solutions. But who’s helping you offer those rapid, reliable IT infrastructures they need? It could be Silver Lining.


Silver Lining understands the importance of both excellent customer service and adhering to the highest standards of compliance. We believe neither need be sacrificed for the other.


Patient and staff safety have never been more important factors for businesses in the healthcare industry. With the added pressure on top of the usual demands of compliance and regulation, Silver Lining can help.


In today’s hectic business world, you have a lot on your plate. But with Silver Lining, your IT infrastructure and systems won’t be one of them.

We know one size doesn’t  fit all. The specific solutions your business needs are just a click away.

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