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Web Conferencing Solutions

Our web conferencing solution allows you to collaborate with colleagues across your organisation or halfway across the planet. You can meet online and share files, information and expertise.

Web conferencing increases productivity and keeps you connected via the internet. It is also readily available when you need it. There is no special hardware required, nothing to download and no updates to worry about.

As a full service web conferencing provider, we offer the expertise you need to make your video conferencing investment work for you. Our web conferencing benefits are enjoyed by small and large businesses across the globe at a price they can afford and with the ease of use they demand.


What is web conferencing?

Web conferencing is a form of real-time communications (RTC) in which multiple computer users, all connected to the Internet, see the same screen at all times in their Web browsers. Some Web conferencing systems include features such as texting, VoIP (voice over IP) and full-motion video.

Web conferencing allows users to carry on business meetings and seminars, make presentations, conduct demonstrations, provide online education and offer direct customer support. Control of the session can be passed among users so that any attendee can act as the main presenter. The most effective Web conferencing solutions require high-speed Internet connections at all user sites.

What are the advantages of web conferencing?

We all know that one of the primary advantages of web conferencing is conducting online meetings remotely, but there are a list of other advantages of web conferencing that you might not necessarily know about:

  • Save money, time and help increase productivity with a simple to use platform.
  • Set up quick, multi-party meetings without organising central location.
  • Increase Productivity through online communication and file sharing.
  • Save on travel expenses and reduce time away from the office.
  • Business processes are no longer constrained by location.
  • You can conduct employee training easily and efficiently.
  • You can increased engagement between your employees and customers through visual and verbal communication.


Simple To Use System

Participants can use any ordinary phone line to dial in and join the meeting.


Increase Productivity

Save money, time and help increase productivity with a simple to use platform.


Save On Travel Expences

Work on projects with geographically dispersed individuals.


Sharing Files Made Easy

Share knowledge, experience and ideas across your organisation.

Changing to one managed services supplier eliminates the problems that occur when different suppliers blame each other for faults they have caused.

Dan Davis, Head of IT, Fusion People

Reduce your OverheadsReduce your overheads

We provide a simple and practical approach to reducing your telecoms costs and associated overheads.

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