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SpliceCom Handsets

The PCS family of business phones and apps comprising; affordable entry-level phones, context-sensitive IP system phones, keyless touchscreen desktop phones and IP Softphone apps for Windows and Mac computers, smart phones and tablets.

SpliceCom provide advanced business telephony and unified communication solutions which deliver tangible benefits for every company, irrespective of their industry, size or geographical spread.

In SpliceCom’s comprehansive PCS telephony family you’ll find the product that’s the ideal match for your specific business requirements ­ whatever it may be.

PCS 582G straight shot



Offering the intuitive use and operation expected from today's Smart Phones, the PCS 582GX has been developed with today's business requirements in mind. In addition to running telephony apps on the large, full colour, touch screen, graphics display.

PCS 563


PCS 563 delivers efficiency improvements on a business wide basis. Senior executives will benefit from the easy access to regularly called numbers, especially given the ability to see the status of colleagues before dialling. Nine visible softkeys with the potential for un-limited page scrolling makes key information easily accessible.

PCS 553G


The power of the PCS 553G centres on the backlight monochrome display surrounded by eight context sensitive keys. Visibility of the status of colleagues and one touch contactability is delivered through Favourites/speed dials. Easy access to the 50,000 entry contacts directory stored on maximiser with predictive search.

PCS 505 Analogue

PCS 505

SpliceCom’s PCS 505 meets entry-level business telephony needs by providing the optimum balance between quality, features and price. The smart yet rugged design means that the PCS 505 not only looks good, but also stays that way, even in tough working environments.



SpliceCom’s iPCS application takes Office Mobility to the next logical stage, enabling Apple and Android Smart Phones and Tablets to be utilised as highly featured maximiser business phones ­ replacing the need for DECT or SIP/WiFi wireless phones. Providing a fully integrated IP Phone solution for the entire workforce, iPCS works in the same way as SpliceCom’s PCS system phones, empowering employees with access to key business features wherever they might be- at their desk or away from it.

PCS 542


The entry-level PCS 542 is a cost-effective desktop IP phone, specifically designed to work with SpliceCom’s range of hard, soft and hybrid phone systems to address everyday business telephony needs. The PCS 542’s blend of feature convenience and ease-of-use make it the ideal choice for those who require an attractively priced, well-featured telephone

PCS 520 Analogue

PCS 520

The stylish design of the PCS 520, combined with its reliability and versatility, make it the ideal choice for those companies looking for a cost-effective business phone to complement the enhanced features and facilities delivered by SpliceCom’s range of IP phones. Offering hands free desktop operation and an integral headset port, the PCS 520 is the answer to the large number of companies who require an attractively priced well-featured business telephone.


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SpliceCom deliver Advanced Business Communication solutions for every type of organisation, irrespective of their industry, size or geography.

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