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Mitel MiContact Center

MiContact Center solutions improve employee productivity and control operational costs within businesses of all sizes.

To meet the needs of internal “customers,” some departments in large organizations perform a contact center role without thinking of themselves as contact centers.

At the other end of the spectrum are enterprise-class operations that may have agents at multiple sites worldwide. They require automated interactions, advanced routing algorithms, workforce management tools, and a whole array of other capabilities to operate effectively.

Whether it is a department, an enterprise, or something in between, the goal of any contact center is to provide the excellent and efficient customer experience required to build and maintain profitable relationships:

  • Empower customers
  • Ensure agent productivity
  • Manage efficiently
  • Streamline operations

Contact Centre Solution

Call Centre

Mitel MiVoice 5320e IP Phone

Informal and Workgroup Contact Centers
MiContact Center Workgroup Edition (available on the MiVoice Business platform) is designed to meet the needs of informal contact centers up to 200 agents across multiple sites.

Small, Formal Contact Centers
MiContact Center Business Edition (available for the MiVoice Business platform) delivers robust contact center, IVR, and multi-media functionality and reporting but is packaged specifically for small contact centers that have sophisticated, enterprise-grade requirements. 

Large-Scale, Enterprise-Grade Contact Centers
MiContact Center Enterprise Edition (available for the MiVoice Business platform) is a robust, highly flexible solution that delivers feature-rich IVR capabilities and contact center monitoring, reporting, forecasting, and agent productivity tools for the most sophisticated contact centers, including virtual, multi-media contact centers with multiple locations and remote agents.

Microsoft Lync-Based Contact Centers
Built natively on the Microsoft Lync Server call control and Lync desktop client, MiContact Center for Microsoft Lync is an end-to-end Lync solution that combines multi-media capabilities, a feature-rich IVR, ACD routing with in-queue messaging, extended Lync presence, real-time reporting, historical monitoring and forecasting, and CRM screen pop functionality.

Outbound Contact Centers
MiContact Center Outbound is a preview, progressive, power, and predictive outbound dialing solution that includes tightly integrated Customer Relationship Management, campaigning, and agent scripting capabilities. 

Cloud-Based Contact Centers
MiContact Center Live is a true cloud solution that enables businesses to intelligently deliver quality customer experience anywhere, anytime, from any device, and across any channel.


Mitel 5550 IP Console

MiVoice Business Reporter (formerly Call Accounting) is a comprehensive call costing solution available as a single or multi-site solution. Monitor and control telecommunication costs with a true picture of how much money is being spent and who is spending it. Optionally, MiVoice Business Reporter can be integrated with Mitel Contact Center Management.

With MiVoice Business Reporter, you can:

  • Monitor usage and establish call patterns for departments and work groups
  • Track, report, and control telecommunication costs, and verify carrier bills
  • Perform cost recovery and carrier bill reconciliation
  • Incorporate data from multiple telephone systems to get the "big picture"
  • See the availability of your employees, who they are speaking with, how long they have been talking, and resolve misuse of the telephone system
  • Produce flexible rate tables tailored to your needs

Call Recording

MiVoice 5360 IP Phone

MiVoice Call Recording provides exceptionally robust data storage and lifecycle management capabilities to give businesses complete control over risk management, regulatory compliance, dispute resolution and other critical business concerns.
MiVoice Call Recording solution is uniquely designed to help businesses address and effectively manage regulatory compliance requirements.

MiVoice Call Recording features include:

  • Selective recording, allowing only desired extensions to be monitored
  • State-of-the-art records navigation functionality
  • Ability to highlight, annotate and share select portions of a call recording
  • Call visualization, including sound spectrogram, displaying all activity that occurred throughout the call
  • Permissions-based security, providing discrete access to the entire call recording, or just a select segment
  • Call playback via encrypted media file streaming and sharing via link distribution for enhanced security
  • Optional ability to query recordings for spoken phrases, simplifying search and review of audio data for compliance and e-discovery requirements 
  • Customize call storage, staging and purging based on a variety of criteria, such as account code, extension and caller ID

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Mitel technology powers 2 billion business connections every day.

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