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Horizon Tutorial Series

You've been wondering how to use our Horizon telephony platform, right? Admit it, you have. And even if you haven't, you're sure to enjoy our video tutorial series that demonstrates handset setup, user configuration and more.

horizon tutorials

SpliceCom Tutorial Series

Learn the ins and outs of the SpliceCom ecosystem, from handsets to Vision and iPCS, with our handy tutorial video series. Between this and the Horizon series, we're sure you'll find something to love.


PCI ProTM Appliance

Take one giant leap towards PCI compliance with our award-winning solution that takes the contact centre out of scope, Unique technology ensures that sensitive card data is never stored and can never fall into the wrong hands.


Silver Lining Seminars

We've got plenty of media, from inserts to infographics, to keep you informed about the latest voice and IT technologies. If you're more inclined towards moving pictures, perhaps our seminars will interest you!


Silver Lining Stories

These videos are all about us and our customers. Discover who we are and our core values, what we bring to the telecommunications market, and success stories of some of the customers we've helped.


Old Phone SystemTired of your old telephone system?

We can provide all the applications and features of a new phone system without replacing your existing telephone.

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