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Case Study - Families of Ocean Ward

Families of Ocean Ward

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Silver Lining is proud to support the Families of Ocean Ward. 
The unit cares for over 200 patients from the Southern region. These patients spend weeks to months each year in isolation care to try to prolong their life expectancy.  

Allan Packer, MD at Silver Lining decided to install free Wi-Fi after being witness to a mother, sitting by her new-born child in intensive care. After speaking to her, he realised that she had been by her child’s bedside for two weeks solid with no connection to the outside world, not even a phone signal.

Allan Packer dedicated days of his time to install all the equipment free of charge and help the Hospital in their battle to have this new technology installed within the hospital itself.

At present some hospitals charge for Wi-Fi, others have no access at all and a small percentage have been given Wi-Fi via an external partner, donating their services for free.    

Silver Lining is one the few IT providers that supply free Wi-Fi to hospitals. Now over 1,900 people from the Ocean Ward and Adult CF Unit at the Southampton General have already connected, and the numbers keep rising.
Silver Lining are also looking to provide patients with access to iPads, apps, laptops and large flat screen TVs all free of charge, which helps to improve the patients’ time spent at the hospital.

Silver Lining are dedicating their time and money to ensure that NHS patients receive not only Wi-Fi but those little extras during long periods in hospital, such as TVs, videos and DVDs, laptops, fridges and exercise equipment, as well as financing critical medical equipment for the unit if there is no or limited support available within the NHS budget. 


A large proportion of our funds are used to assist families during long stays on Ocean Ward by way of a hardship payment. We purchase and replenish toys, TV’s, laptops (with internet access), games       consoles, DVDs, all for the pleasure and use of children and families on Ocean Ward.  We offer fun family days out at little or no cost to the family. Our first Christmas Party in 2011 was a huge success with Santa delivering presents for the children and their siblings, and these are now held annually.


Money donated goes to help improve the quality of lives of those spending long periods of time in the CF Unit at the Southampton General Hospital.  It goes towards funding vital medical equipment for patients with CF where there is no or limited funding in the NHS budget available.

"We're really overjoyed by the level of support being given from Silver Lining, and it's heartening to think that people in need of help and support will be benefiting from access to free Wi-Fi across the ward."                         All on E1 and Lindsay (Play Leader)

Silver Lining strongly believe in supporting local communities and charities. We are committed to providing support however we can; from providing IT services, free phone lines and broadband; to fundraising. If you are looking for support for your local community or charity please get in touch and we will help in any way we can.

We are committed to providing opportunities for the disadvantaged; opportunities for local students and graduates; rehabilitation and   education; long term stability; on the job training; personal development programmes.

"It will mean patients can use their smart phones or other devices to go online to keep in touch with friends and family or watch on-demand TV.” 
Allan Packer, MD, Silver Lining


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