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News : Why should you outsource your IT?

Why should you outsource your IT?

IT is at the very core of any successful business; it is one of the most important things and is absolutely vital to ensuring business continuity. Outsourcing your IT can be beneficial but what exactly does that mean? In layman’s terms, outsourcing your IT simply means that you’re contracting the IT process to another party.

So, why would I outsource my IT?

Outsourcing your IT means that you will receive the best support at all times, a specialised team of expert engineers will be at the ready to help you. People who trained specifically to deal with any and all things IT related. There won’t be any more worrying about something breaking when you can simply call over an expert who will deal with the problem quickly and effectively.

You can massively reduce your management overheads by simply outsourcing your IT, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives. Professionals can quickly deal with any issue and you can continue to work on what’s most important without having to slow down.

If you need an entire network set up with email, printing, backup and storage, it’s incredibly easy to have someone else do it for you, while keeping it cost effective. Your business life will be so much easier when you are no longer worrying about creating those IT related stresses, including; creating an email address for a new starter, supplying them with a computer and telephone and this is on a small scale, What if your server was to stop functioning? How would your business be effected if you lost a weeks worth of data?

Outsourcing your IT will allow the professionals to work with you to ensure you have the right infrastructure in place for the next 5 years, so that as your business grows your IT infrastructure grows with it.

You can discuss the options available that are suitable to your business needs now and for the future whether it is working in an On-Premise environment or in the Cloud, your outsourced team of experts are ready to support the challenges of a constantly evolving business world.

As you’ll find here, business continuity is incredibly important and outsourcing your IT ensures built in business continuity that is tailored specifically just for your needs. You will get built in redundancy ensuring that if one thing fails, the system will still work.


One of the biggest reasons for any company to outsource their IT is the cost. You can remove expensive capital expenditure cycles by replacing infrastructure with outsourced IT. If something breaks, you will need to replace it. In the case of outsourced IT, you pay a fixed or pay-as-you-go price and if something breaks, it will be replaced at no extra cost in within an agreed time frame, to ensure that you stay up and running at all times. This is a huge bonus for a business as it can save a lot of money in many situations.

We here at Silver Lining Convergence Limited let your budget, customer demands and your objectives dictate our approach to solving those specific challenges. We have a huge range of support options available and offer a 24/7 network support helpdesk. If a fault occurs, you can rest assured that it with be dealt with without delay.

If you are thinking about outsourcing some specific elements of your IT infrastructure but aren’t sure of the implications, feel free to contact one of our consultants who are here to understand your business and help you with your business IT challenges.

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