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News : Why do Small Businesses need Telephone Systems?

Why do Small Businesses need Telephone Systems?

It's fair to say that computers are the centre of most modern small businesses; many pieces of equipment previously seen as stalwart elements of the business environment are rapidly finding themselves relegated to storage cupboards and the bottom of drawers. After all, a computer can ably handle the processes and tasks formerly achieved by devices such as a fax machine; all while taking up less real estate, and not forcing employees to use an entirely different interface. Small businesses everywhere have long since realised that they don't need to break the bank, or extend the space in their office, to stay on top of their respective workloads. One piece of technology that's still incredibly necessary for efficient business operation, even with the growing ubiquity of computers across all fields, is small business telephone systems. While it may seem like computers have small business communications all wrapped up in one handy package, we'll illustrate in this article just how effective an up to date telephone system for small business can be.

Increased productivity between all employees of the small business

When it comes to the efficiency and productivity of the employees in your company, having the best small business phone system installed ensures that everyone has an easy-to-use, central communications system. The immediacy of phone calls makes them harder to neglect or ignore than electronic communication, meaning that inter-company communication remains near instant and effective. The easy transfer of a call from one phone to another also ensures that employees are easy to reach, no matter where in the office they are currently located.

Faster, more personal communication with customers

Customers respond in a far more receptive manner to rapid replies than they do to neglected emails; well integrated small business telephone systems ensure that customers are able to achieve near instant communication with a business, expediting the speed at which their queries are dealt with, and in doing so, positively affecting customer sentiment and the chances of repeat business.

Ensure that important calls are given the attention they deserve

The immediacy of incoming calls to the phone system makes it far more likely that important calls and messages are treated with the care that their status demands; an employee from the business will be able to deal with the query as it comes in, ensuring that, at the very least, the customer or potential customer in question can be sure that the message has been received. At best, said caller should be able to get an answer there and then!

Better optimise communication with full-feature reporting

Whether solely utilising small business telephone systems or a telephone system with integrated Voice over IP functionality (VoIP), the best small business telephony systems offer a full suite of analytical options, allowing diligent companies to access full-featured reports on the usage and performance of both internal and external communications. Such reports can be used to maximise company efficiency and make it easier to incrementally improve the overall operation of the business.

Remain reachable on the go, or across multiple sites

As well as allowing calls to be transferred to different phones around the office, phone systems for small business make it extremely easy for employees who are currently out of the office, or at a different site, to remain in the loop. Mobile phones can be linked to the phone system, ensuring that important calls are that much harder to miss, greatly alleviating customer frustration, while calls can also be directed to offsite phones with the same instantaneous ease as internal transfers.

Future proofed communications

The beauty of current small business telephone systems is that they allow for the easy addition of upgrades and add-ons; effectively future proofing company communications. New handsets can be easily added to the network should business expansion require it, while integration with small business VoIP solutions is also a cinch. Needless to say, the upgrade of small business VoIP is also exceptionally simple!

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