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News : What are the benefits of moving your business from ISDN to SIP?

What are the benefits of moving your business from ISDN to SIP?

Cost savings are always a key factor and SIP Trunking can undoubtedly deliver real cost savings.

But it’s really the flexibility SIP brings to the table that will sway organisations to make the move.  The operational benefits delivered by SIP around greater flexibility, disaster recovery and high availability which make a compelling case to say SIP Trunks have come of age and are hastening ISDN in retirement.

For companies with multiple locations, SIP Trunking is an attractive solution. SIP offers organisations the ability to centralise their PSTN access and by consolidating and simplifying their infrastructure deliver considerable cost savings. When a new location is opened, you can add the branch to your LAN and route more bandwidth to that location to add the voice services.

SIP Trunking also enables organisations to only buy the capacity they need - meaning spending less money on telephony whilst getting the full end-to-end IP quality. SIP Trunking does not come, like ISDN, in two sizes for 2 or 30 channels, but can be flexed on a per channel basis to hundreds of channels per connection.  This makes it much easier to tailor to suit individual organisation’s needs, especially those affected by peak and off-peak seasonal periods.

Finally, SIP trunking offers business recovery features that are simply not available on more traditional telecommunications services.  SIP’s flexibility enables you to re-route your voice traffic in the event of any disruptions to locations or systems in an emergency.   You can also retain business critical numbers in the event of moving premises, without having to pay expensive call forwarding charges.

If your PBX is SIP enabled, then the benefits in switching from ISDN to SIP are extremely compelling. If however, your business doesn’t have a SIP based PBX, then SIP should be something that you explore when your legacy PBX is due to be replaced (all modern PBX equipment will be SIP enabled).

When looking for a SIP Trunking provider, you should always ensure you select a credible partner with a resilient infrastructure and watertight SLAs.  

Silver Lining delivers SIP Trunking solutions with a managed service wrap, covering IP connectivity, SIP Trunks and number management. We also offer organisations the flexibility to locate their PBX’s either at their sites or housed within our managed datacentre.  Hosting within our datacentre means our customers don’t have to be concerned about space, power or engineering support.

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