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News : We're now members of the PCI Security Standards Council!

We're now members of the PCI Security Standards Council!

Standards and regulations may be a headache sometimes, but they're crucial to business. They keep us all on the same page and stirivng to do better and achieve more. A great example are the ISO standards we've recently achieved, a set of stringent requirements covering business process, environmental impact and more. Reaching these standards affirms our commitment to better business. Another set of standards that's been big in the news recently is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, or PCI-DSS for short. These regulations aren't law, but they do represent best practice; steps that companies should take to reduce their risk of breaking the law in other ways. Specifically, the PCI-DSS covers the security of payment card data, in a global effort to help companies protect themselves from data breaches and subsequent hefty fines.

But who makes these standards? Who decides which rules should apply to which businesses, and how significant the penalties should be? In the case of these standards, the task falls to the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, or PCI-SSC. No, they're not a clandestine group of hooded folks sat around a big table making policies and sacrificing goats to the credit card gods. They're actually a group of over 1,000 participating organisations around the world - and we're proud to say we are now one of them!

We’ve issued an official press release in partnership with the SSC, which you can download in PDF format here.

The Council’s good work is endorsed by Visa, MasterCard and American Express among others. The SSC is responsible for maintaining data security across the globe in the face of ever-changing technological threats. As hackers get smarter and new consumer-friendly but security-unfriendly technologies like contactless payments emerge, the SSC must continue to innovate with new strategies and regulations. As a participating organisation, we’ll be privy to first drafts of new materials from the SSC, and we’ll have the opportunity to give feedback, as well as recommending great ideas of our own. Collaboration is key when establishing quality standards, and with more than 700 companies working together to solve the world’s data security problems, we think the future looks pretty bright.

Speaking of card payments, have you heard about our latest innovation, PCI SIP? Or how about the award we recently won for PCI excellence? There’s a lot going on in the world of card payments, and we’re thrilled to be part of it. Take a look at the articles below for more, and stay tuned for further news on future development of the PCI standards.

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