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News : Top five Bring Your Own Device problems, solved

Top five Bring Your Own Device problems, solved

img14As the world continues to adopt mobile platforms, many companies are struggling to adapt to this trend. Though many companies allow employees to bring their own devices to work, these devices are often ill-prepared for a business environment. Allan Packer, Managing Director of Silver Lining Convergence, explains the main five problems with “Bring Your Own Device” and how they can be resolved with the SpliceCom iPCS solution.

1. Mobile device management and data protection

Security is vital for companies when considering external devices to be used for business. Sensitive company data must be secure, but improper mobile device management can lead to employees facing restrictions on which apps they can download on their devices.

The SpliceCom iPCS app allows company contacts to be stored in a secure password protected app. This provides companies with the peace of mind that their data is secure, whilst the employee is free to use their device as they wish.

2. Device and data loss

Losing your device can be stressful enough without the added possibility of compromising any company data.

The SpliceCom iPCS app ensures that all company data is secure and password protected. Should your device be lost or stolen, you can rest assured that sensitive data won’t be compromised.


3. Missed sales opportunities

Bring Your Own device schemes work well for companies, as they allow employees to better utilise their time and ensure that they are working whenever possible. But this can cause issues within the company when transferring calls to employees out of the office. Voicemails left on a work device can be left for days at a time, which can result in lost sales opportunities.

The SpliceCom iPCS app turns your smartphone or tablet into a highly featured business phone, allowing you to retain your desk phone features e.g. voice mail, do not disturb, on hold, call recording and out of office. Stay contactable wherever you are; in the office, at home or even remote locations.

4. International calls

When working internationally, many employees are left with costly roaming charges for data usage and calls to the office.

The SpliceCom iPCS app has a WIFI-only lock, to avoid data roaming charges. It also provides free calls to and from the office regardless of location when connected to the internet.

5. Lack of monitoring

Companies want to have as much control over devices as possible, especially as data exchanged via devices brought from home could pose a security risk if misused. But this can be an issue with employee owned devices, as employees desire the freedom to use their device without interference from the company that they work for.

The SpliceCom iPCS app acts as two separate devices, using an app that provides a complete work space which is separate from any personal use of the device, providing the perfect work and home balance.


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