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News : The world is changing, with or without you

The world is changing, with or without you

future past presentWhen was the last time you sat down and really thought about how much your business has changed? Regardless of the industry you find yourself in, over the last five years you will have seen changes that you most likely didn’t see coming.

How we work is changing, but you may not have embraced these changes as an organisation or as an individual. Perhaps you are struggling to see the benefit in things like flexible working or a highly mobile workforce. Whether you have or not, it will still be happening around you.

Often the reason a wholesale change in working practices doesn’t catch on is because it’s not clear why the changes are necessary, or what the benefits will be if the changes are implemented. 

Open plan offices, flexible working and smart mobile devices, our grasp of technology and what it can do for us are just some of the things that have accelerated our potential to be more agile, to access information anywhere, speed up processes, meet people virtually and share ideas.

Have you joined this workplace revolution? Or, have you like so many other organisations struggled to make a business case stack up when it has come to investing in such technology?

We understand that investing in new technology can seem time consuming and expensive; however, there are ways your business can benefit from flexible working or a highly mobile workforce without breaking the bank.

At Silver Lining we can provide you with all the applications and features of a new phone system without replacing your existing telephone, saving you time and money. We do this by overlaying IP technology on your current infrastructure, which provides real tangible benefits to your business. Adding applications starting at £0.75pence a month per user, rather than investing hundreds and thousands of pounds, offers you instant access that benefits you immediately.  Modern business applications such as mobile integration, mobility, web based call control, advanced management information, call reporting, redundancy options and more are just some of the applications available today.

No doubt you can see the value in enabling some of your workforce to benefit from such technologies, but how do you create a business case that can help to justify an investment?

Contact us today for a free comprehensive analysis of your business telephony. We can then provide you with a no obligation cost analysis so that you can take a closer look at the additional features you could receive and savings you could make.

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