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News : Silver Lining provide SIP seminar to top blue chip companies

Silver Lining provide SIP seminar to top blue chip companies

Following BT’s announcement for the projected end of life for ISDN there is no doubt that the ‘old world’ legacy ISDN telephony world is dead and the future for telephony is ‘new world’ fibre and SIP trunks.

As TTB Specialist SIP Deployment Partner, Silver Lining put together a new SIP initiative for a specific group of Blue-chip industry leaders. As part of the educational seminar we offered all attendees our next generation SIP platform free of charge. 

This means  no migration fees and no trunk rental charges. You can benefit from up to a 100% saving on your current ISDN rental costs. SIP also provides a robust resilience disaster recovery strategy. The network design can include a dual carrier SIP delivery alongside your existing legacy ISDN telephony environment.

What is SIP and why should I use it?

In a nutshell, SIP trunking is about delivering telephony via IP data links. By the end of this year it is estimated there will be more SIP lines deployed than ISDN in the UK, and by 2020, 80% of all telephone lines will be SIP lines.

Because SIP lines are “virtual”, SIP trunking affords businesses greater flexibility and control, geographic anonymity, short-term capacity when needed and disaster recovery - not to mention huge line rental cost savings and low cost call charges.

Why take part in this initiative?

BT recently announced their future plans to decommission the UK’s ISDN network. SIP technology is the future of telephony, and this initiative aims to further explore it and raise awareness of the capability of SIP telephony. Your business can benefit from this next-generation platform for FREE by taking part.

If you are interested in taking part in the next event please get in touch today 0845 313 1111 info@everycloud.eu

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