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News : Silver Lining achieves FOUR world-class ISO accreditations!

Silver Lining achieves FOUR world-class ISO accreditations!

We don’t often talk about process here on the blog. It’s just not that interesting, y’know? We’d much rather chat about events like our upcoming Easter Fete, or company milestones like the appointment of our in-house GDPR practitioner. However, today we've decided to be nerds for a bit and talk about business development, commitment to the environment, information security and workplace safety. That’s because we’ve been awarded a grand total of four ISO accreditations by the British Assessment Bureau!

You can read our official press release here, in PDF format. We’ve outlined below a little more about each accreditation and what they mean for Silver Lining. ISO

It’s not been an easy ride; we’ve been streamlining our processes and getting paperwork together for months, but we’re thrilled to have achieved these prestigious international standards. We’re not only in it for the brownie points though – these accreditations acknowledge our commitment to continually improving our business processes and working environment, which is something we’re serious about.

ISO 9001

This certification is all about quality management. To attain ISO 9001 status, we’ve had to ensure we’re consistently meeting the needs of customers and stakeholders, as well as adhering to any relevant regulations. It’s a testament to the efficacy of our management practices and quality control. Specifically, we’ve met these seven key principles of quality management.

ISO 14001

This certification is all about our commitment to the environment. It recognises our efforts to minimise Silver Lining’s impact on the environment, from affirming the environmental footprint of vendors and partners throughout our supply chain, to ensuring environmentally-friendly in-house activities.

ISO 27001

The certification is all about information security. With the EU General Data Protection Regulation looming, it’s more important than ever to protect the data of customers and staff, and ISO 27001 verifies our efforts to keep data safe, secure, and only stored where absolutely necessary.

OHSAS 18001

This certification is all about occupational health and safety. It acknowledges our efforts in carrying out risk assessments and putting procedures in place to minimise risks in the workplace. You wouldn’t think there’d be many risks in an office environment, but hazards can present themselves anywhere, and with this accreditation we’ve gotten on top of them.

What do these mean for us?

These accreditations are internationally recognised standards achieved by around a million businesses around the world, of which we are now one. The ISO standards speak to the strength of our business processes as a whole, and we’ll be wearing our certification badges with pride to show the world we’re forward-thinking and focused on quality relationships with our partners. We look forward to further expanding our stable of accreditations and being recognised for ever greater business acumen in future!

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