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News : Introducing PCI SIP, the next step in card data security

Introducing PCI SIP, the next step in card data security

We've beeCredit cardn talking about two big things recently - two award-winning innovations we're particularly proud of.  One is our game-changing PCI-DSS compliance solution, the PCI Pro Appliance. This little wonder-box has been de-scoping contact centres and reducing auditing headaches up and down the country. For businesses that still use pause-and-resume call recording or clear-desk policies to protect customer card data over the phone, PCI Pro is a breath of fresh air.

The other big deal you might have heard about is RevolutionCloud, our recently launched fourth-generation cloud platform. It's our most powerful and forward-thinking platform yet, a whole new way to deliver a multitude of cloud services. Powered by multiple resilient data centres and ultrafast interconnectivity, RevolutionCloud is a platform built with the future in mind. With these two innovative technologies in hand, the logical next step for us was to combine the two.

What is PCI compliance?

As you may already know, if your contact centre is taking credit card payments over the phone you are required to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS), an internationally recognised set of technical and operational requirements designed to protect cardholder data. Failure to comply with the PCI-DSS runs the serious risk of costly fines and damaged customer relationships.

Our award-winning PCI Pro Appliance uses patented DTMF masking technology and can be deployed both on premise or now hosted in our secure cloud environment; The solution not only supports ISDN but will now support SIP as well. DTMF (Dual Tone Multi-Frequency) clamping based solutions enable your customers to enter their card details directly through their telephone keypad. The transaction can take place at any point during the call with any advisor; enabling you to deliver an improved customer experience, whilst guaranteeing PCI-DSS compliance.

How is it better than our existing PCI box?

PCI SIP represents a considerable improvement over our traditional PCI Pro on-premise solution thanks to increased cost savings, ease of migration and further auditing reduction. If you’re not already aware, BT are planning to decommission all ISDN lines in the UK by 2025, and SIP is a prime candidate to replace them. In a nutshell, SIP trunking is about delivering telephony via IP data links. By the end of this year it is estimated there will be more SIP lines deployed than ISDN in the UK, and by 2020, 80% of all telephone lines will be SIP lines.

PCI SIP takes our existing compliance solution and moves it from a physical box on your site, to a piece of software hosted within our secure data centres. This software essentially sits on top of your business SIP trunks, enabling powerful PCI compliance with no on-site equipment required.

Compliance, guaranteed

The only way to guarantee PCI DSS compliance in the contact centre whilst ensuring customer security, complying with PCI standards and avoiding the ongoing cost of securing your infrastructure is by removing your contact centre completely from the scope of PCI regulations. Our DTMF masking solutions make it an affordable reality.

Contact us today to start your journey to PCI compliance

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