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News : How secure is your business data?

How secure is your business data?

Security-snippetTechnology that we use in the workplace is evolving; from desktop computers, to laptops, to smartphones, to tablets and now to wearable tech.

And, as the range of devices being introduced into our businesses grow, so too do the levels of complexity of securing the sensitive corporate data on those devices.

One billion smartphones were sold last year (twice the number of PC’s). By next year there will be Ten Billion (10,000,000,000) mobile internet devices in the world!

As your business becomes ever more tech-saturated, it is time to ensure you have an enterprise mobility management (EMM) strategy in place.

Where to begin

There are three vital questions that you need to ask yourself before developing your mobility strategy.


  1. What exactly do you want them to get out of the devices they use for work?
  2. How mobile do you need your workforce to be?
  3. Do you need your employees to access your data when they are on the move?  
  4. Do you support BYOD & WYOD?
  5. Do you want one system for all devices or do you need to support multiple platforms?

You need to take into consideration how sensitive your data is. Do you have the correct app in place to ensure your data is secure when it leaves your office? You need to adapt your EMM strategy around the security of your business data. If you need your employees to be able to access company data while on the move, this presents an entirely different set of challenges.

Do you have the right application?

Ensuring you have the right application for your EMM strategy is vital. You also need to think about permissions ­ Many apps access a devices photos, contacts and logins. By vetting the application you can eliminate these worries.

Secure your data, not just the device

What then becomes important is exactly what it is you want to secure. Integrating security into your EMM strategy isn't always as clear-cut as you might have thought. The last thing you want is an employee’s son using his phone and accessing your company database.

Securing company data on all devices is vital. Passcode access and the ability to remotely wipe any important data can be put in place to ensure your company data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Although bare-in-mind that the app you chose to use may also have access to your data.

Integrating threat management and security into your EMM strategy isn't easy and it becomes even harder, when you try and account for personal preference in choosing platforms and devices.

The rapid evolution of IT and tech savvy employees means that EMM solutions need to be reactive, constantly adjusting to keep ahead of emerging threats, whilst ensuring that it meets the needs of your business strategy now and for the future.

Where is your application hosted?

More and more applications are moving to the cloud. Why? ­ It’s mainly due to employees accessibility across multiple devices, whilst cutting costs and accelerating business growth. To ensure complete security you could choose to host your application in your own cloud environment.

Should you use a third party application ensure you ask the vital question of where your information is being stored as more than half of app developers already use or plan to use a cloud-based platform.

It’s vital that your IT managers do everything they can to ensure your company data is secure and all threats removed. Every company is different and there is no one size fits all approach to EMM. The key to safe data is flexibility.

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