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News : Infographic: What's the State of PCI in 2016?

Infographic: What's the State of PCI in 2016?

ig-pci2016Over the past decade, the Payment Card Industry has faced challenges from two sides - the fraudsters, with a growing array of tricks up their sleeve to separate people from their sensitive card data, and the consumers, who are demanding ever more elaborate solutions to stop them. So how are they getting on?

We previously discussed the PCI compliance landscape in our 2015 infographic, explaining what the PCI-DSS standards are, the potential penalties for non-compliance and the disastrous consequences of a data breach, and the various levels of compliance applicable to businesses according to number of transactions.

One year on, we're back to take a image-friendly look at how the public feels about their card data, the harsh reality of compliance for businesses (and the even harsher strain on their wallets), and a practical glimmer of hope for companies caught up in the murky waters of data fraud.

Click through to view the full infographic in JPG or PDF format.

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