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News : Infographic: Is your business safe from disaster in 2016?

Infographic: Is your business safe from disaster in 2016?


Disaster recovery is about being prepared for the worst. Anything from viruses and hacking attempts to floods and bomb scares can render an organisation’s IT infrastructure useless, temporarily or permanently. With IT being business-critical in the majority of cases, a major disaster can wreak havoc, even forcing some businesses to close their doors for good. Overlooking a disaster recovery strategy would be a costly mistake for any business.

We’ve put together our first infographic of 2016 to illustrate some fascinating facts and figures about the causes and impacts of disasters that befall businesses and what can be done about them. You can click here to view it as an image, or click here to download it in PDF format. Read on for our take on DR strategy and why it’s so vital for business.

Obviously a business can’t be expected to operate at 100% capacity while suffering from a major outage or disaster; the idea behind a DR strategy is to maintain a minimum operational level while the business gets back on its feet.

Disaster recovery vs. business continuity – what’s the difference?

The terms “disaster recovery” and “business continuity” are often used interchangeably, but there’s a distinct difference between the two. Disaster recovery is reactive – it’s about getting back to business as usual when a major disaster occurs. Business continuity, on the other hand, is proactive – it’s about having a strategy in place to mitigate the effects of a potential disaster. Understanding the difference between these two concepts is vital.

Disasters can be, well, disastrous for businesses

Did you know that 1 in 5 businesses will experience a significant failure (fire, flooding, power outage, etc.) each year? That’s a whole lot of downtime, and some sources claim as many as 80% of those businesses affected will close their doors within 12 months. Disasters are a clear problem. While the accuracy of these sources remains to be seen, it’s obvious that a company suffering any serious downtime runs a real risk of going under without a strategy in place.

What can the Cloud do for disaster recovery?

The severe flooding in northern Britain in December 2015 and January 2016 is evidence enough that businesses need a way to recover from major disasters. Here at Silver Lining, we understand the value that Cloud technology can bring to both recovery and continuity.

Cloud backup – gone are the days when businesses would have to use physical backup tapes to restore their lost data. Through the Cloud, businesses have immediate access to their data via resilient data centres.

Hosted services – damaged or inaccessible hardware can be substituted with virtualised IT and telephony platforms, accessible from anywhere. Even in the event that a company’s office is completely gutted, employees can remotely access Cloud-based services to avoid downtime.

Pricing that doesn’t break the bank

It may seem counter-intuitive to talk about spending money, not saving it, but planning for a disaster is one area that modern businesses simply can’t afford to scrimp.

That’s not to say that business continuity must be a massive capital investment – on the contrary, a variety of pricing models and the capacity to personally tailor a DR solution to your individual business could afford your organisation significant value. Whether you utilise public or private cloud, or a custom co-location solution, we’ll work with you to build a DR strategy that truly meets your needs.

The Cloud – more than just DR

Cloud services can bring real value to your business, even when you’re not suffering outages or disasters. Harnessing the potential of data centres and hosted technology offers a multitude of benefits, which you can find out more about elsewhere on our site. To discover for yourself how your organisation could benefit from Cloud-based business continuity and beyond, get in touch today.

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