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News : Infographic: How do ISDN and SIP stack up?

Infographic: How do ISDN and SIP stack up?

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The subject of “the death of ISDN” and the rise of the new kid on the block, SIP trunking, has been a hot topic in the communication industry lately. BT’s announcement that they’ll be decommissioning the ISDN network by 2025 has swung the discussion firmly in SIP’s favour, but dissenting opinions still argue the benefits and drawbacks of each technology.

There’s no denying the potential of Session Initiation Protocol, or SIP for short; delivering voice over the Internet instead of through traditional telephone lines offers cost savings, reliability, and opportunities for unified communications. The SIP market has exploded in recent times, growing by a massive 25% in the past 6 months alone!

Below we weigh up the pros and cons of ISDN and SIP to determine if SIP truly is the future of business communications. We’ve also created a handy infographic comparing the two technologies, which you can download as an image or in PDF format.

ISDN: There’s life in the old girl yet

Being an Internet-based technology, SIP suffers from a handful of flaws which stack up in ISDN’s favour. Recent statistics have revealed that SIP hacking is a more common occurrence than credit card fraud, raising serious concerns. Here at Silver Lining, our SIP services are frequently monitored for suspicious activity, but we understand that for security-conscious businesses, traditional ISDN may be the safer option.

SIP also naturally relies on a stable internet connection. If a business suffers with a slow or intermittent connection, it’s likely to suffer with a slow and intermittent SIP service. Losing the ability to make and take calls is something that may drive businesses to embrace ISDN.

SIP: A new challenger approaches

The drawbacks of SIP mentioned above can be overcome with the help of a competent telecommunications provider (like Silver Lining! Perhaps you’ve heard of them?) but the pros far outweigh these.

We’re all about converged communications, so take it from us: we love SIP. SIP trunking allows business to roll their voice and data services into one unified package, which adds up to some splendid cost savings – not to mention cheaper calls, especially overseas.

Aside from cost savings, SIP also excels in deployment speed. Compared to ISDN, which offers a lead time of around 30 days and has minimum requirements for number of lines, SIP can be up and running within an hour and has no minimum requirement. Unlike ISDN, which is provided in blocks – 2, 30, etc. – SIP offers total freedom to add and remove lines whenever needed.

So which one’s right for you?

We’re big supporters of the SIP revolution, and with the opportunities it presents for flexibility and cost savings we’d say it’s a very attractive proposition. However, there’s still a worthy place for ISDN for businesses that make and take a lot of calls and can’t rely on potentially unstable Internet connections to make those calls. However, there’s a third option that could be appealing to these particular businesses – a hybrid solution that combines ISDN and SIP in one handy package. With hybrid technology behind your business, if your Internet connection drops out, your telephones will failover to the traditional ISDN lines, keeping you running smoothly.

So what’s the verdict? SIP, ISDN or a hybrid of both? There’s no definitive answer – that’s what consultancy is for. Get in touch with Silver Lining and we’ll discuss the individual needs of your business to get you set up with the perfect solution. We’ll go the extra mile to support and maintain whichever service we decide is right for you.

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