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News : How to manage change when introducing a new phone system

How to manage change when introducing a new phone system

Implementing new systems can cause your business a major headache. This article will show you how to make the process much easier. Infrastructure projects are - by their very nature - complex. However, if you choose to outsource your IT, you can remove the headache all together. 

Why hosted rules

Hosted voice solutions can help minimise many of these deployment problems. For businesses keen to minimise disruption and make an agreeable ROI, a hosted phone system could be the ideal solution.

Minimal hardware installation

Hosted telephony replaces your on-premise PBX completely. Instead of routing calls from handsets to an internal PBX and out to the public telephone network (PSTN), IP handsets connect via your broadband connection to a virtual PBX, hosted in the cloud.

Choosing to outsource your telecoms infrastructure in this way:

  • Reduces your management burden ­ maintenance and management of a PBX is no longer necessary 
  • Frees up valuable space in your server room for other technology applications
  • Reduces secondary costs like electricity usage

Due to this, a hosted phone system can provide a rapid return on investment.

Simple software deployment

Depending on the applications your business uses, the switch to a hosted voice solution can be completely seamless. Much of the transition can be performed in the background, with minimal impact on the user.

Seamless deployment

Your existing PBX uses ISDN lines for its voice connectivity, while a hosted voice solution sends and receives calls via your existing broadband connection. Due to this, a hosted voice solution can be installed alongside your existing on-site system without any negative impact on your day-to-day business, as your existing lines can remain in use until your new service is up and running.

User training

To ensure user adoption to any new system, it is important to provide adequate training to allow your staff to adjust to any changes and ensure that the transition completes smoothly.

Depending on the hosted voice solution you adopt, there may not be any need for additional training for end users at all. At worst, you may need to demonstrate new handsets and how to access the most common functions.

It is also important to ensure that all staff are briefed on any changes as early as possible in the project lifecycle. By keeping staff up-to-date on the deployment progress, they will be better prepared when the time comes for them to get ‘hands-on’ with the new system.

Putting it together

Moving to a hosted voice solution can solve many of the major hurdles that hinder a new system deployment:

  • Minimal hardware installation requirements
  • Simple software deployment
  • Parallel deployment allows you to identify and resolve issues in advance without impacting user productivity
  • Straightforward user training that can be targeted to individual needs

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