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News : Fraudster obtains hoards of stolen data

Fraudster obtains hoards of stolen data

Security firm announces it has persuaded fraudster to give up database of email addresses along with passwords users use to log in to websites.

A security firm famous for obtaining hoards of stolen data from the hacking underworld, announced that it had persuaded a fraudster to give them a database of 272 million unique email addresses along with the passwords consumers use to log in to websites.

The passwords and email addresses, which include some from Gmail and Yahoo’s, aren’t necessarily the keys to millions of email accounts. Rather, they had been taken from various smaller, less secure websites where people use their email addresses along with a password to log in.

People who use a different password for both their email account and shopping websites, won’t be affected. But those who tend to use the same password for multiple sites as well as their email should change their email password.

There is however no way for consumers to check if their emails were included in the firm’s latest find.

The hacker appears to have been largely targeting Russian users. Some 57m of the email addresses were for the country’s largest email provider mail.ru, which claims 100 million monthly users. Around 40m of the addresses were Yahoo Mail, 33m Hotmail and 24m for Google’s Gmail service.

Ensure your data is secure

Silver Lining’s Hosted Desktop and Email environment is protected by best-in-class antivirus, anti-malware and anti-cryptolocker software with experienced security experts on hand to help mitigate the issue. We also have Enterprise class backup solutions in place to recover any files that become encrypted using this method.

Unfortunately, the creators of Cryptolocker/Ransomware are getting more creative in the delivery of these programs and some instances have crept through email scanning or are present on legitimate websites.

If you want to ensure your business data is secure contact Silver Lining today 0845 313 1111 /

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