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News : Connectivity: Fibre To The Cabinet explained

Connectivity: Fibre To The Cabinet explained

These days everyone in business and at home wants to be on the internet.  Up until now there were two options: standard ADSL Broadband or pay for higher speed bonded copper data links.  ADSL is a highly contended service i.e. many hundreds of houses share the same link to the exchange and this causes the speed to vary greatly.  So even for home users it has started to become unusable at different times of the day, particularly in recent years with the dramatic increase of streaming placing higher loads on all areas of the data network.

Ethernet over Fibre To The Cabinet - EoFTTC has been steadily rolling out across the country. Of the 5,500 UK exchanges about 3,400 have been upgraded for fibre. The BT OpenReach green roadside fibre boxes are becoming more prevalent.  EoFTTC will be a Game Changer delivering higher bandwidth connectivity options up to 20mb uncontended bandwidths at compelling prices.

Silver Lining can validate your site details for EoFTTC availability.  The results given by our tracking availability tools will be a symmetric speed between 2 and 20mb. Moreover, EoFTTC is based on FTTC so on the download side and due to the fact TTB do not restrict the service if you have the capacity to achieve 80Mb we will pass this on at no extra charge.   All this supported by Silver Lining’s support team backed up by TTB’s (Talk Talk Business) 7 hour fix SLA.

EoFTTC will in the next few years end up replacing EFM and many contended ADSL and FTTC services being utilised by business today, however, being able to receive this service is still a bit hit and miss with regards to availability.  Silver Lining can check your address location for you and provide advice.

EoFTTC can also be viable as a back-up circuit to a primary connection. Businesses that require constant connectivity and high availability to the Internet can mitigate the risk of a fault on their main connection using this cost-effective connection option.

We have two options available for EoFTTC

  • 20Mb EoFTTC ­ up to 20Mbps upload and 80Mb download
  • 3Mb EoFTTC ­ 3Mb upload and download

Speed on EoFTTC is dependent on line length and quality of copper between the site and EoFTTC cabinet.

TTB EoFTTC Includes as standard

IP 4 ­ up to 4 IP addresses (1 useable with a supplied router or 2 useable IPs with a wires only service)

  • IP 6 ­ unlimited (available upon request)
  • SMTP Mail Feed
  • SMS monitoring to E-mail or mobile phone
  • Cacti Bandwidth graphs available upon request

EoFTTC benefits at a glance

  • Symmetric (same bandwidth both ways)
  • High Performance / Reliable / Un-Contended
  • 7 hour fix Service Level Agreement
  • Presents on RJ4
  • Guaranteed symmetric speed between 2 and 20mb.
  • Up to 80Mb download on the 20Mb service
  • Lead-time 30 working days along with a PSTN line installation

Do you offer Jitter, QoS and latency on Internet facing circuits?

Unfortunately due to the fact that the Internet is a public network and that TalkTalk Business doesn’t own this network in its entirety we cannot offer round trip times, QoS, latency and Jitter SLA’s on any of our internet facing circuits. If you are looking for this type of SLA and network offering then TalkTalk Business private MPLS could potentially address your requirements (note: multi-site only).

TTB have also released a 3Mb EoFTTC service however please note the following:

  • 3Mb variant can only be purchased where the availability check returns a minimum speed guarantee of 5Mb+
  • Upgrade charges from the 3Mb variant to full product will incur a full install charge of £550.
  • There will be no downgrade capability from the 20Mb EoFTTC product to the 3Mb variant.

Can I make standard calls over the EoFTTC like ADSL?

Like EFM the EoFTTC service cannot support standard phone calls as with an ADSL service. EoFTTC is purely a data only service.  However, Silver Lining can provide IP Trunks that run over the EoFTTC data link.  The IP Trunk interface into the IP telephone network allow calls to be made to the outside world.  In old parlance each ‘telephone line’ is equivalent to an ‘IP Channel’ / ‘IP Trunk’.  Each IP Trunk will hold a single telephone call so coming into the site you need as many IP Trunks enabled as you need concurrent telephone calls at any one time. The onsite router that terminates the EoFTTC data link needs to be set up with QoS enabled so that an amount of the bandwidth is dedicated to voice, thereby guaranteeing performance of the voice channels.  Silver Lining use a rough rule of thumb of 100k per voice channel so for a small business with 10 extensions the voice traffic would need approximately 1 Mb reserved.

Is there a separate PSTN Line installation and annual rental?

No, the PSTN line is included within the activation and annual rental of the EoFTTC service.

If I use Silver Lining’s IP Trunks for my telephony, will I still need my Internet and ISDN links?

No, you will no longer need your old ISDN links anymore (unless you want to keep some for DR purposes) this will give you a substantial saving on quarterly rentals.  For many customers the cost of getting rid of their ISDN & ADSL links and moving completely over to an all IP service for data and telephony from Silver Lining with much lower call cost charges etc. it can greatly offset the cost of the EoFTTC and sometimes make the whole project almost cost neutral. 

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