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News : Don't let fraud take a toll on your business.

Don't let fraud take a toll on your business.

Toll fraud snippetToll fraud, otherwise known as communication fraud is the use of telecommunication products or services without the intent of paying. There are many different types of toll fraud but these usually boil down to the basic concept of using a business’s phone line to make expensive calls, usually international calls increasing the price of the call.

Toll fraud can cost a company a lot of money, some extreme cases in the United States Of America have cost companies Billions of dollars. In 2011 a compromised Private Branch Exchange system and a compromised voicemail system, cost one company 4.96 Billion Dollars.

 That’s a whopping 3,234,431,078.40 POUNDS! Yes, toll fraud can and has cost a company just over 3 billion pounds.

 Now of course that was the highest reported case but it will help you to realise just how important it is to stop toll fraud.

An early example of toll fraud is “Phreaking” which involved the generation of various control tones. These tones include things like the “red box” tones which simulate coins being inserted into a payphone. This happens a lot less often however due to the use of digital switching systems and out-of-band signalling. This may not apply to your business but it does give a better idea of what people can do. PBX dial-through can be used to call a business and request to be transferred to an outside toll number, the call will appear to originate from the business and appear on the company’s phone bill.

There are also Dialler programs that contain malware or malicious code that have been used to cause computers to disconnect from a legitimate local provider and instead dial into a premium number, usually overseas. A Similar scheme involves forwarding a specific PBX extension to an overseas number, the PBX owner has to pay tolls for all of these calls.

Many people aren’t aware of toll fraud. But don’t think it won’t happen to you. Your business could be at risk if you use either voicemail or auto attendant. Even without these, there are ways to defraud companies of a great deal of money in a short space of time without them realising until it is too late.

Our solution enables you to set daily or weekly spend limits for free, which can easily be changed depending on your business operations. Receive notifications when spend reaches a certain percentage of your threshold. Then simply raise the limit or advise us that you believe your phone system has been breached.

If no action is taken by the time the limit has been reached, all calls are barred reducing your risk of fraudulent activity.

  • Reduce the risk of fraudulent call spend
  • Reduce internal usage of premium rate and international numbers
  • Promote best practice in the workplace
  • Self-setup and central control of spend limits

We have solutions that guarantee you will never receive an increased bill as a result of your lines being hacked…

If you would like to know more about this then contact one of our consultants today.

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