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News : See 2017's cyber challenges at our Security Summit

See 2017's cyber challenges at our Security Summit

Cyber security is one of the biggest threats faced by businesses today. As we have seen from last week’s ransomware attack, which caused widespread disruption to the NHS and organisations around the world, the importance of keeping computer systems updated and secure cannot be overstated. The consequences of losing sensitive consumer data to a cyber-attack - be it credit card information, patient records, or usernames and passwords - can be dire. With the introduction of the EU General Data Protection Regulation next year, these consequences will become significantly more severe.

The GDPR is a set of legislation coming into force on May 25th 2018, which aims to replace the aging Data Protection Act with new regulation more in line with the information age. The key messages of the GDPR are that every EU citizen has the right to personal data privacy, and that businesses must take every possible step to protect this data from security breaches. Many organisations will need to fundamentally change the data they store and the way they store It, or face heavy penalties.

Whiteley-based IT and technology provider Silver Lining have been following the GDPR’s progress and development approaching the May 2018 deadline, and having observed both a lack of awareness amongst businesses and the complexity of the GDPR itself, they have decided to hold a “security summit” to offer advice and raise awareness of the impact these regulations will have.

Taking place at Skylark Golf and Country Club on Tuesday June 20th, supported by Barclays and the Hampshire Chamber of Commerce, this joint seminar and webinar will cover the key messages of the GDPR and offer valuable advice to organisations moving forward. The event will also cover PCI-DSS compliance, discussing the challenges faced by businesses in taking payments by credit card. In particular, Silver Lining will tackle the risks present when transmitting sensitive card details over the telephone, and measures available to mitigate or eliminate these risks.

Additionally, the seminar will touch upon cyber security in general; ransomware will be a particular focus of this discussion, as one of the biggest cyber-threats of recent times. Silver Lining understands that the spread of ransomware takes place largely through “phishing” and social engineering, and so will aim to inform and educate users on best practices to avoid being caught out by malicious communications.

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