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News : Cloud? What's that, why should I get it?

Cloud? What's that, why should I get it?

Cloud IT is a relatively simple concept but it can be incredibly confusing to a first timer! You will find a lot of speak of this magical cloud that has all your data and solves all your problems, but what is it and how does it work?

To understand what cloud is we should first have to specify what cloud is NOT.

  • Cloud is NOT magic that will transform your business and life and change the world.
  • Cloud is NOT a new form of technology that has only just popped up.
  • Cloud is NOT a product as such; it’s a way of working and running a business.

So, what IS Cloud?

In the simplest sense, the cloud is a server that is not on your premises. When you make a search on Google, those results are on a database and that said database is in a secure data centre and you are essentially then looking at the cloud. Those results exist on the cloud.

Generally when a business or person refers to cloud they are referring specifically to cloud storage and the term cloud has been adopted to almost exclusively refer to cloud storage. As a business, having cloud will generally mean that your programmes and applications are stored on someone else’s server, allowing your employees to access their desktop from anywhere that has a reliable connection to the Internet, from almost any device including a Windows PC, laptop, thin client, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android device, Blackberry or Windows Mobile smartphone.

A lot of what Cloud does can fall into the category of Business Continuity due to the fact that should the worst happen, all your data would be sitting perfectly in the cloud, untouched by whatever may have happened.

Remember the critical point, the security is in the hands of the company providing you with cloud, this shift of blame is a big plus and also means that your data is secured by experts that have taken every precaution possible to ensure that your data will stay secure at all times.

Cloud is also much cheaper than paying for your own servers as you are only paying for storage space instead of an entire server and backup. This can and often will save a business quite a bit of money. You can increase the amount you pay to receive more storage, if that space is no longer needed then you can reduce the cost and therefore only pay for what you use!

To reiterate: Cloud is data on a server that is not your own.

We here at Silver Lining can provide you with your very own private Cloud, a space in our tenanted environment or simply supply you with rack space to host your own servers. We also cover security and the scary parts of data hosting. If it still seems like it makes no sense then please feel free to contact us with any queries , we are happy to provide you with a free consultation to help you get your head around the options available. 

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