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News : Cloud IT: from a confusing concept to a solid platform

Cloud IT: from a confusing concept to a solid platform

Cloud IT has changed from a confusing concept to a solid platform essential for growth and stability in a global economic climate.

Companies around the globe are under pressure to innovate or die, with the value of information and security among the top priorities for all businesses.

Adoption of cloud technology is important where there is flexibility to only pay for computing resources as and when they need them.

Many companies rely on seasonal staff when demands for certain products and services take a dramatic increase. During these peaks companies can’t rely on fixed infrastructure arrangements.

Many companies are now committing heavily to a hybrid cloud infrastructure that allows their business to react quickly to market changes, scaling seamlessly through the peaks and troughs of the year, and offering a much improved customer experience.


If we look at the retail sector Andy Wolfe, Shop Direct’s chief information officer, says: “We operate in a very competitive market and therefore we are constantly looking for ways to differentiate ourselves from the competition, which results in high demand for IT change, especially in areas like mobile. We need to be able to spin up development and test environments very quickly. IT capacity can’t be the bottleneck in driving change or innovation.”


The results speak for themselves in a language any shareholder can understand: increased site availability from 57.47 per cent in December 2012 to 99.99 per cent in 2013-14; record order rates with more than a quarter of a million page impressions per minute on Very.co.uk on Black Friday; and an increase in trade of 4 per cent over Christmas 2014, including sales via mobile devices of 45 per cent ­ Source: Raconteur.net


Hospitality is another industry undergoing a major digital transformation. For next generation travellers the journey begins online. Many hotels are migrating a significant portion of their core IT systems and applications to an open cloud platform to offer faster digital services to web-savvy guests.

Infrastructure changes are often not so much about cost-saving as driving up the value of customer experience and providing more flexible working conditions.

But as Windows 2003 soon moves to end of life on July 14, the challenge to migrate and modernise will naturally push a lot of businesses towards the cloud rather than shifting sideways to the current version of Windows Server 2012 R2. This is no bad thing as businesses at all levels are now experiencing cloud technology as a powerhouse tool for developing new strategies, forging closer ties with customers, and tapping into the expertise of employees and partners.

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