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News : Whitepaper: Cloud Contact Centres make Cloud work for you

Whitepaper: Cloud Contact Centres make Cloud work for you

wp-cloudcontactIn our super-connected age, "the Cloud" has become as pervasive as the Internet itself; indeed, they're often considered one and the same. However, the Cloud delivers many more benefits than simply storing your files, and a good number of these benefits can be brought to the contact centre. Of course, there are drawbacks too - but do the pros outweigh the cons? Read our whitepaper and find out. You can find a snippet of it below, and if you like what you see, click through to view the complete PDF.

Over the past few years, “the Cloud” has been done to death. Market research, heated discussions, pretty infographics - the Cloud’s good for business, it’ll change your life, it’s the best thing since virtualised and co-located sliced bread. Here at Silver Lining we’re guilty of this too. And for the most part, business that have bought into the hype have benefited from the Cloud.

Amongst small to medium businesses, more than half have now adopted some sort of cloud-based tech, typically bringing on new applications to boost productivity and drive down costs. Most companies taking up the Cloud have used it for back-office functions such as CRM, finance and HR, but there are exciting avenues of opportunity opening up for contact centres too. Handling voice and multimedia are duties the Cloud is more than capable of taking on.

There are two major upsides to cloud contact centre technology; namely, huge savings in upfront capital investment and hassle-free deployment. The Cloud represents a serious opportunity for businesses, and yet remarkably, 75% of surveyed IT leaders are actually opposed to the Cloud! Many of these professionals cite security and resilience as issues, but the truth is there’s another factor inhibiting cloud adoption. Your average contact centre is a complex beast, and pre-packaged cloud applications are simply too restrictive and can’t be tailored to fit the needs of these centres.

For more on what exactly the Cloud is and how it works, plus the boons and pitfalls of hosted contact centres, download our PDF whitepaper.

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