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News : Is your business overspending in mobile phone services?

Is your business overspending in mobile phone services?

Choosing the right mobile tariff for your business can be frustrating as tariff structures have become more complex. 

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It is easy to lose track of what you are paying for and what you use, and too many mobile phone users are throwing money away by paying for data they never use or a handset they have already paid off.

According to Billmonitor’s new analysis - the first of its kind in the UK analysing actual billing data from SMEs - an astonishing 49% of UK businesses are spending more than twice what they need for mobile phone services with the three major network operators (Vodafone, EE, O2).

The report noted that the business mobile market lacks transparency in two key areas: it’s too hard to work out what you need and too hard to find what’s available.

With limited visibility as to what packages are available and their associate costs, you’re unlikely to find the best deal for your business. Whilst network operators do provide fully itemised bills, even the most seasoned experts would struggle to extract the information you need to fully understand what you’re paying for.

Not only do SMEs overpay by considerably more than consumers, but also a much higher proportion of SMEs overspend: 93%, as against only 70% of consumer.

Silver Lining offer all businesses a free, no-commitment tariff analysis so if you think your business may be overspending on mobile phones, speak to one of our mobile experts today. 


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