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News : Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place?

Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place?

Planning is one of the most essential things a business can do in any event. Every step a business takes needs to be covered by devising a suitable plan in the event of a disaster. But how do you plan for a server crashing or your hard drive holding important documents getting corrupted? What if your server crashes? What if there is no way of getting into work due to heavy road works? This is where business continuity comes in. It’s being able to work from home when your workplace is otherwise inaccessible. It’s being able to have a server completely crash and still be at 100% productivity. 

Can you safely say that your business, whatever it may be, will continue running perfectly for years to come? Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place?

Do you have a backup plan?

Oscar Wilde said “Expect the unexpected” and as a business it is vital that you take this into consideration. There are ways of making your business operations resilient to system or IT failure. There are ways of ensuring that your employees can work from home on a snow day; ways of assuring that your sick employee can continue to work without fear of the entire office becoming unwell. Adverse weather can completely destroy your productivity and having a good business continuity plan can prevent that productivity from dropping.

Every business should have a business continuity plan to ensure continued productivity no matter the occasion.

So what exactly is business continuity?

Business continuity is essentially preparatory planning intended to ensure that your critical business functions will continue to operate in the case of disaster or serious incidents. Business continuity is being back to full operation a day after your building is shut down due to a water leak.

Business continuity includes three very important key elements.

  • Resilience

  • Recovery

  • Contingency


So, let’s start from the top. Resilience implies that your critical functions and supporting infrastructure is designed, engineered and constructed in a way that they are unaffected by most disruptions. Usually this is done through having redundant systems and extra capacity.


Secondly, we have recovery; this is relatively self-explanatory and is the act of recovering or restoring critical and less critical business functions and systems that might fail for some reason.


Lastly, contingency, this means that your business establishes general capability and is ready to cope effectively with whatever major incidents or disasters occur. In case of unforeseen circumstances, contingency preparations give you a last resort response if your resilience and recovery arrangements fail to deliver.

Do you have a plan?

How many things can go wrong? If something goes wrong with your server you might have a backup but what will you do in the event of the whole box ceasing to function?

You can’t change the weather, you can’t stop the snow and you can’t stop the building site next to your office disrupting your operations but you can plan ahead and establish continued productivity in the case of such an event. Business continuity is tremendously important.

You can implement redundant systems. If redundant systems sounds pointless or like a waste of money then let’s put it into perspective. Most multi engine aircraft and all military multi engine aircraft are designed with redundant systems in mind, if one engine fails then the other can double up on power and keeps it flying, don’t you want that same security?

Business continuity planning is absolutely essential to continued business operation.

Are you prepared?

We here at Silver Lining deploy a wide number of solutions ranging from just £10 a month to complex international solutions all ensuring 100% business continuity. An hour of downtime can have a massive impact to most organisations.

We can ensure that your systems can be quickly recovered in a worst case scenario.
Want pay-as-you-go, pay monthly or a fixed price? We can provide a tailored business continuity solution for your businesses individual needs. We will design, build, manage and support your tailored solution. Our highly skilled engineers are ready to support you when you need it most.

Contact us today for more information or a free no obligation consultation. 

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