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News : Beat the Beast - work remotely!

Beat the Beast - work remotely!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed it’s a bit nippy around the UK at the moment. We’ve had a light dusting of snow across the south coast, but if you’re a little further north you might be “enjoying“ a more generous helping courtesy of the “Beast from the East”. Schools are closed, roads are impassable, and naturally, many an employee will be calling into the office to let them know they won’t be making it in. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Thanks to the magic of the cloud - the IT cloud, not those big snowy ones - staff can work remotely instead of staying home and losing out on a day’s pay.

With a hosted desktop solution, you and your employees can access your desktop environment, complete with all the applications, files and functionality you’d expect from your office computer, from any device with a web browser. Hosted desktop is fast, secure, and always on, enabling seamless business continuity across desktop, tablet and mobile. A virtual desktop setup also benefits from exactly that - virtualisation. Because hosted environments exist within a much larger server infrastructure, they have access to a huge pool of computing power, RAM and storage. This means that allocated resources can be dynamically scaled to meet business needs, whether it’s more users or increasingly resource-intensive applications.

But there’s more to working remotely than simply accessing your office desktop. Hosted telephony allows members of staff to reroute calls from their desk handsets to their mobile phones, ensuring all incoming calls are handled without needing to outsource to a call answering service when the business premises is vacant. Hosted contact centre solutions utilise a web portal for management, meaning a full suite of call centre functionality can be accessed and administered from anywhere. Add in audio and video conferencing to the mix, and the complete working office environment - desktops, telephones, meetings et al - can be achieved remotely, allowing you to maintain full productivity while sitting at home in your dressing gown with a Pot Noodle. Crank up the heating and get comfy!

But what if something goes wrong, I hear you cry? Surely there’s nobody in the office to resolve technical issues? Not a problem. Hosted services are managed by an external provider, so any support queries can be directed to them. Your internal IT department needn’t get involved. Being run by a specialist provider also ensures that your services are hosted on resilient high-performance hardware. Any cloud IT provider worth their salt runs secure enterprise infrastructure with backups and redundancy, so if your disaster recovery solution suffers a disaster of its own, you won’t be kept waiting for long.

Does remote working via the cloud really work? Well, I’m writing this article remotely right now - so yes, yes it does. We’re caught in the grip of heavy snow and travel to the office is treacherous at the moment, but that’s okay. I can remotely access any applications I need, our company network, file storage and emails. I can even take phone calls from home. We at Silver Lining provide remote working solutions, and on days like these, we have to use them ourselves too. If you’ve been caught out by the Beast, it’s a little too late to get connected to the cloud - but do talk to us if you’re interested in preparing for the next time adverse weather strikes. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to make lunch and take the dog for a walk - then I’ve got more work to do…

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