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News : Apple Watch changing the face of flexible working

Apple Watch changing the face of flexible working

apple-watchNow that UK law has brought in flexible working, more businesses than ever before are investing in technology, that encourages employees to work remotely. Gone are the days when staff were chained to their desks from nine till five.

Businesses are now aware that in order to ensure productivity, employees need to have a suitable alternative to thrive in this tech-savvy culture. The right technology guarantees the delivery of excellent customer service, sales and growth targets, whilst ensuring that the IT investments deliver a real return to the business.

With technology now permeating almost every aspect of business life, workers are naturally using it as an opportunity to work more efficiently. The proliferation of smart phones and affordable laptops in particular, has brought an end to the concept of 'dead time', and spared many workers from having to head back to the office to catch up with correspondence after a long day on the road.

Similarly the concept of the virtual office has also been transformed, benefiting from the fact that high speed broadband connections have now become as essential to most homes as hot and cold running water. This has significantly reduced the cost to business of setting up homeworking programmes, and with Virtual Private Networks in place, it is comparatively simple and safe to grant workers remote access to company networks.

The ability to be flexible as to when and where employees work can also play a critical part in building successful global teams and doing business across international boundaries - both areas where the UK has excelled in recent years.

Apple has taken the need to work remotely to a whole new level with the launch of the Apple Watch. Quantifying data is becoming more and more sought after. Employers are now investing in technology that link with their telephony and IT infrastructure, allowing employees to access the company database from any location.  Or could we evolve even further and create a ‘Fitbit for business’? And if so, what data would you look at (and what would you avoid?!)

Larger enterprises are already investing heavily in collating data on the activity of employees working flexibly. Although this technologically is possible, do you feel as though this is a big-brother like intrusion of an employee’s personal life? Or do you feel that it’s only fair that the employer keeps a record of the working hours of the employee to ensure they are using their time productively. This observation will then in turn enable businesses to place more value on employees’ work/life balance?

Now that Apple has entered into this new wearable technology era, numerous discussions debating the pro’s and con’s will no doubt flood the market. If you are interested in the technology available to allow your employees to work remotely contact our team of experts today.

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