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News : A hotel without Wi-Fi is like a room without a bed!

A hotel without Wi-Fi is like a room without a bed!

Whether your customers are frequent travellers or once-a-year holiday makers, there’s one amenity they’re probably counting on during their next hotel stay--free, working Wi-Fi.

After a recent survey hotel guests ranked free Wi-Fi as the most important in-room amenity.

Free Wi-Fi has become more commonplace these days (at least 64 percent of hotels!) especially at hotels that cater to business travellers.

Charging for Wi-Fi is the new charging for telephone calls¯but if guests complaints about Wi-Fi charges or badly working Wi-Fi aren't enough to convince hotels to change, maybe the very real threat of losing precious customers will.

Why not offer two different types of hotel Wi-Fi? 

Many hotels offer free Wi-Fi in the public spaces but not in all rooms, chances are you can also pay for more bandwidth and faster speeds. The structure is simple, basic internet browsing is free but if guests need more bandwidth, they can pay for "Enhanced High Speed Internet." This way, everyone can get the bandwidth they need, without bringing down the hotel's network.

It is vital that your business has secure, superfast, responsive and reliable connectivity. It is critical to the guest experience which in turn is critical to a hotel's bottom line. More and more guests are making their booking decisions based on whether or not a hotel has free and/or working Wi-Fi.

By offering different types of Wi-Fi you will receive the following benefits.  

  • All patrons receive the bandwidth they need, without bringing down the hotel's network.
  • There are more and more customers who will simply refuse to frequent businesses that do not offer free Wi-Fi.
  • Offering Free and Wi-Fi is a relatively inexpensive way to increase customer loyalty and potentially separate your-self from less tech-savvy competition.

Does your Wi-Fi ensure that harmful content is inaccessible to the public?

Have you taken into consideration the UK Governments ‘Friendly Wi-Fi’ licensing scheme, designed to make harmful content inaccessible through your public Wi-Fi networks.  

This will also increase your number of customers as the ‘Friendly Wi-Fi’ logo will make clear to parents which cafes, restaurants and other businesses have internet access¯making it safe for their children to use. It will help these firms ensure that families feel comfortable and make it clear to parents they are choosing a safe online environment.

‘Friendly Wi-Fi’ means filtering websites on the basis of a blacklist maintained by the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) a UK non-profit that tracks down ‘potentially criminal’ online content. IWF operates in informal partnership with the police, government, public, and Internet service providers, focusing on child abuse websites.

Do you have the right Wi-Fi solution for your guests?

If you're looking for an easy way to offer free or paid Wi-Fi to your patrons, our solution could be the answer. Whether through traditional connectivity or our dedicated radio network, our service provides a Wi-Fi gateway your guests can access for free, or with a paid pass - it's up to you. 

Contact Silver Lining today 0845 313 1111 / info@everycloud.eu

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