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News : 7 weeks until Microsoft ends support for Exchange 2003

7 weeks until Microsoft ends support for Exchange 2003

Exchange 2003 is rapidly approaching its product life-cycle. Hopefully this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

In 49 days, on April 8th 2014, Microsoft will be withdrawing support for Exchange 2003 and some other related products, like Outlook 2003, Windows XP and Exchange 2010 SP2.

If you still use Exchange 2003 as a base of your email system it is about time you thought about migrating to a different exchange server.

What does it mean?

From April 8 2014 all Exchange 2003 admins will have to rely on tech content available on the Internet in terms of technical issues. Microsoft will no longer release any security updates or bug fixes. Users won’t be able to submit feature requests or benefit from paid support options anymore. If anything goes wrong, you will have to rely on the community, or solve the problem by yourself.

Give the Cloud a chance

Since the release of Exchange 2003 over ten years ago, the approach to IT has changed a lot. The fast growing market of Cloud-based services delivered a number of solutions that cannot be ignored by any IT professional these days.

We have invested in our own fully secure and diverse Cloud infrastructure in recognition of the growing demand of our customers who wish to have additional flexibility in their core business IT strategy. Our private Cloud allows for a tenanted environment or should you need rack space to host your own private cloud, we have the facilities to provide you with exactly what need.

  • Future Proofing ­ As your business evolves the Cloud is ready to support this challenge
  • Cost Effective ­ Remove expensive Capex cycles when replacing infrastructure with the Cloud
  • Built in Business Continuity ­ No need to invest in expensive backup solutions
  • Tailored Service ­ Range of services available when you need them

Our approach to solving your organisation’s specific challenges is led by you ­ your budget, your objectives and your customers’ demands.

For free no obligatory advice on how to migrate your emails to a different exchange server, contact us today sales@everycloud.eu / 0845 313 1111

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