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News : 5 reasons your business should embrace the Cloud

5 reasons your business should embrace the Cloud


I know what you’re thinking. You’ve seen this article dozens of times before, right? The cloud. It’s the best thing ever, it’ll revolutionise your business. If you’re an IT manager, you’re probably sceptical. The cloud lacks control, it’s insecure, it’s expensive - and most importantly, if your business moves its IT to the cloud, you’ll be out of a job. Today we want to clear some things up about the cloud. You could retain complete control, benefit from enterprise-grade security, and enjoy significant cost savings, all without the risk of being made obsolete. Here are five reasons why your business should embrace the cloud.


Cloud servers are powerful. They have to be, of course, if their resources are to be divided up amongst a multitude of users. We can’t speak for other cloud providers, but our own RevolutionCloud platform boasts a staggering 72TB of RAM, enough to comfortably power 20,000 desktop environments simultaneously, as well as 23,000 vCPUs. These resources occupy a shared pool, enabling your business to access as much or as little computing power as required with no limits or bottlenecks. Equally as important as the power of the platform itself is the performance of the network. Our platform utilises an 80Gbps inter-data-centre transit network, ensuring data is shifted and replicated between servers with near-zero latency.


The beauty of cloud services like exchange, desktop and telephony is that they’re not tied to any particular device. These services are always-on and can be accessed via the web wherever their respective client applications are available, across computers, mobile and tablets. For example, a user could divert calls from their deskphone to their mobile while out and about, or they could work from home on projects via virtual desktop. Issues of business continuity can be neatly sidestepped; if a member of staff can’t make it to the office, they’re able to work remotely.


As we’ve already mentioned, cloud computing pulls from a shared pool of resources. This allows the platform to easily scale to meet demands. If a customer wishes to add or remove users from their system, for example, this is a simple matter of resource allocation. Should that customer wish to expand their business to a new site and deploy their existing infrastructure there, this is easily accomplished. If the business requires additional computing power or storage, perhaps to run new company-wide applications, these resources can be made available to them with minimal fuss. Customers need only be allocated - and only pay for - what they use.


If you’re relying on cloud infrastructure for your critical business systems, you need that infrastructure to be available 24/7. Top-tier redundancy and uptime figures are often regarded as badges of honour for cloud IT providers. Our RevolutionCloud platform offers N+2 redundancy across four data centres, ensuring that should a fault occur somewhere within the data centre environment, cloud service delivery can continue uninterrupted. 100% uptime across our network safeguards running services against data loss, and enterprise-grade backup guarantees that should the worst happen, data can be safely restored.


Value for money (or lack of it) is often a deal-breaker for IT professionals. One might think that sophisticated always-on cloud technology would be far more costly than simply plugging in office computers under desks. However, the beauty of the cloud is that there's no need for customers to invest in physical hardware beyond a simple device to access cloud services. Since cloud environments are virtualized and can be instantiated or terminated at will, cloud services can be offered through an Opex or subscription model, offering massive cost savings over pricey on-site equipment.

So what does this all mean for you, the IT-savvy expert? You needn't worry about being outsourced to some faceless telephone help desk. Within your business, you'll retain complete control of the cloud services you receive and how your users can access them. The same policymaking authority you currently exert over your internal network can be applied to a cloud environment. How's that for peace of mind?

If we've piqued your interest and you'd like to learn more about what the cloud could do for you and your business, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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