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News : 5 great reasons you should outsource your IT

5 great reasons you should outsource your IT

Outsourcing snippetIf your business uses IT, it'll need an IT department - whether that's an in-house team or a one-man operation. Despite our best efforts, technology has a tendency to go wrong; whether the entire network's gone down, or someone's simply forgotten their password, you'll need a "techie" on hand to resolve problems. Installing or upgrading software can also require expert knowledge to keep everything running smoothly.

The reality is not every business needs or can afford an dedicated on-site team. That's where outsourcing comes in - having a remote helpdesk of experts available could save your business time and money. Here are our top five reasons to outsource your IT!

#1: Cost savings

IT departments don't just mantain other people's systems when they malfunction; they'll need their own hardware and software, office space and equipment in order to function, all of which can run up a hefty bill. An in-house IT department can put a serious dent in a company's budget. Since outsourced IT services provide their own hardware and software, there's no need for this costly upfront investment, Yes, the cost of equipment is factored into the cost of service, but since outsourcing teams have multiple clients, that cost is spread across them all so the impact on one business is minimal.

#2: One-stop shop

When you buy new hardware like computers, you're usually offered a service contract that covers issues with that hardware. Annoyingly, it probably won't extend to any software you use, or any other connected devices. In the same vein, warranties for software won't cover the hardware it's installed on. All these separate levels of support lead to a network of helpdesks and a fractured support experience. An outsourced IT department is a jack-of-all-trades; from faulty hardware to glitchy software, these dedicated experts have seen it all and will work to resolve all manner of issues.

#3: 24/7 support

In-house IT teams usually value their free time, and as such they'll close at the end of the working day and at weekends. This means if your office suffers a server failure, or a member of staff needs remote support, the problem could persist for days. Not so with an outsourced team; with support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to anyone from anywhere, you needn't worry about lingering issues while your office is closed.

#4: A wealth of experience

Taking on internal IT staff is about more than just wages and office space. Your staff need to know what they're doing, which means a tough recruitment process for you to ensure your business has the skills and experience it needs to support its staff. Once again, outsourcing triumphs in this department; when you call up your remote helpdesk for assistance, you can rest assured you'll be connected to people with years of experience and technical know-how with the confidence to resolve your issues.

#5: Forward-thinking

More and more businesses are taking the outsourcing route. The benefits in cost savings and dedicated support are obvious, and as a growing industry, the outsourcing workforce will continue to expand its experience and technical knowledge. There'll always be room on staff for someone that knows their way around a computer, but when things really hit the fan, you'll be glad your team of experts is only a phone call away.

Silver Lining solutions

Let's be honest, you saw the sales pitch coming a mile off, right? We enjoy writing informative pieces like this one, but we also offer outsourcing solutions of our own, so it only makes sense that we'd offer up our services here. These five good reasons to outsource your IT apply to us; we've got an experienced team offering 24/7 support, just waiting to save you time and money. It's a no-brainer - don't hesitate to get in touch today!

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