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News : 4 Ways Pause/Resume Recording is NOT PCI Compliant

4 Ways Pause/Resume Recording is NOT PCI Compliant

With the recent surge in interest surrounding PCI-DSS compliance, you may be wondering how to make your business compliant without breaking the bank. “If I use pause and resume call recording, then my customers’ card details won’t be stored and I’ll be PCI compliant!” Don’t fall into this trap ­ here are just four reasons why pause/resume call recording is NOT compliant…

#1: Manual intervention isn’t compliant
The PCI-DSS guidelines require that card data is removed from recordings automatically, with no manual intervention by your staff.

#2: Contact centre advisors can still hear card details
Even if the transaction isn’t being recorded, your staff can still hear customer card details and potentially store them for their own malicious use.

#3: Advisors can pause the recording whenever they like
If a member of staff wants to say something off-the-record, they can easily pause the recording. From a compliance standpoint, this is a big problem.

#4: Important information can be missed when the recording’s turned off.
You never know when the customer will say something crucial, and switching off call recording can cause important information to be missed.

PCI compliance may seem like a challenge, but don’t panic ­ Silver Lining can help. Our simple and effective Cloud Secure PCI solution eliminates the need for pause/resume call recording by ensuring the contact centre agent never hears or sees the customer’s card details, but can still communicate with them throughout the payment process.

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