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With new mobile technologies regularly being launched, choosing the right device for your business can be confusing with so many different handsets, tablets and tariffs available on the market.

Whether you require a single phone or five thousand, a smart device for your sales force or a ruggedised device for harsh enviroments we can offer the very latest mobile technology at the best prices available!

By working with all the major UK mobile networks, we do the research so you don’t have to. We work with you to tailor a bespoke mobile phone package that meets all your business needs.

We offer and support handsets from Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, Sony, HTC, JCB and many more!


How does it work? 

We will roll the cost of the handset into your monthly charge meaning you have no up-front costs to pay. This will be clearly shown on your monthly invoice as one charge for your airtime (data, minutes and texts) and your handset charge (the cost of your phone or tablet, spread over the term of your contract). Splitting your bill like this means you know exactly what you’re paying for each month. Should you require a specific type of mobile phone that isn't within our standard handset portfolio then your handset of choice may incur an extra cost when setting up your contract.

Can I pay something towards the handset if I want to?

Absolutely. You can choose to lower the cost of your monthly handset charge by paying something up-front towards your phone or tablet at the start of your contract. Want to pay for the handset in full? This will completely remove the monthly handset charge, leaving just the airtime plan to pay. 



We provide a bespoke mobile phone package that meets all your needs.


You Decide 

You decide which handset works for your business needs.


Complete Solution

Whether you need a single phone or five thousand, we can help.


Best Prices

We can offer the very latest business mobile handsets at the best prices available!

We now have the resilience that a £100m company should have, and we no longer have to fight with our suppliers.

Dan Davis, Head of IT, Fusion People

Industry Statistic

There are 2 mobile phones for every 3 people in the world.

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