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On Premise IT

For modern businesses, one of the most significant investments an organisation can make is in its IT infrastructure. Today IT systems are the backbone of almost all business processes and communications. Whether your business relies upon IT for performance measurement, finance and accounting or manufacturing processes, streamlined systems can ensure secure and robust monitoring and control of critical business processes.

At Silver Lining we can cover every aspect of your on premise IT infrastructure from integrating networks, hardware and software, security to providing support when you need it most. Our consultants can help you troubleshoot over the phone or assist on-site with more complex problems. We can even help you with buying or upgrading a computer.


What is on premise IT?

On-premises software (sometimes abbreviated as "on-prem" software) is installed and run on computers on the premises (in the building) of the person or organisation using the software, rather than at a remote facility, such as at data centre.

What are the benefits of on premise IT?

There are a multitude of benefits when choosing an on-premise solution¯namely, control. Companies that deploy this model enjoy control over all of their systems and data and, perhaps even more importantly, the peace of mind that comes from knowing that critical business infrastructure resides in-house. 

In addition to having internal oversight of data, on-premise models allow companies to have dedicated IT staffers for maintenance; support and custom disaster recovery plans. 

An on-premise solution is usually implemented for the following reasons: 

  • If the internet goes down you still have access to your applications and programmes 
  • Legal requirements prevent you from using the cloud
  • Complete control of the infrastructure
  • Poor access to a reliable internet connection
  • Contol over sensitive information 



We can provide the right technical resource for your individual business needs. 


Managed Solution

We can cover every aspect of your On Premise IT infrastructure.


Competitive Price

We can remove expensive capex cycles when replacing infrastructure.


Future Proofing

As your business evolves, we're ready to support future challenges.

We would recommend Silver Lining’s full service solution to any company. We have received a fantastic service that covers all of our requirements and more with minimum disruption.

Paul Finch, Managing Director, OREGA Business Centres

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