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23rd Mar 2016

Infographic: What's the State of PCI in 2016?

Over the past decade, the Payment Card Industry has faced challenges from two sides - fraudsters, with an array of tricks up their sleeve to separate people from their card data, and consumers, who are demanding new solutions to stop them.

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23rd Mar 2016

Whitepaper: Cloud Contact Centres make Cloud work for you

In our super-connected age, "the Cloud" is as pervasive as the Internet itself; they're often considered one and the same. The Cloud delivers more benefits than just storing files, and many of these can be brought to the contact centre.

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1st Mar 2016

Case Study: High-speed connectivity for Anson Group

Rothmans is one of the largest accountancy practices in the south of England today, with 12 offices and over 200 staff. Discover how we stepped up to the challenge of installing new infrastructure to support Rothmans' site move.

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15th Feb 2016

Winner of 'Community Contribution of the Year'

Silver Lining Convergence is delighted to have won 'Community Contribution of the Year' at The News Business Excellence Awards 2016 on Friday 12th February 2016. Silver Lining has been supporting a number of local causes.

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9th Feb 2016

Migrating from ISDN to SIP needn't be a headache

We’re firm supporters of SIP, the up-and-coming technology set to leave ISDN telephone systems feeling outdated. We put together an article weighing up pros and cons, with SIP emerging on top thanks to unified communications and other features.

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8th Feb 2016

Infographic: How do ISDN and SIP stack up?

The subject of “the death of ISDN” and the rise of the new kid on the block, SIP trunking, has been a hot topic in the communication industry lately. BT’s announcement that they’ll be decommissioning the ISDN network by 2025 has...

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1st Feb 2016

Whitepaper: 10 Reasons Cloud IT Is The Future

Migrating to the cloud can reduce complexity in managing your IT infrastructure, and reduce costs. Systems management & maintenance are made simpler. From social listening and analytics to process management, the cloud gives you agility.

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25th Jan 2016

Infographic: Is your business safe from disaster in 2016?

Any number of catastrophes can befall a business - data loss, hacks and viruses, natural disasters, and more - and it's important to have a plan in place should the worst happen. We've put together an infographic and article for your viewing pleasure.

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20th Jan 2016

How our PCI compliance solution works

As the PCI-DSS compliance rules and regulations continue to evolve in an attempt to protect credit card users and businesses from fraudulent activity, the need for technology to mitigate the cost implications and complexities is amplified.

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5th Jan 2016

'Grin and Share It' campaign: Post pictures and win prizes

Silver Lining, IT and telecoms specialist has launched a campaign encouraging the public to look out for sweet smiles and great grins in the latest industry effort to improve team morale in the UK. The ‘Grin and Share It’ campaign...

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