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Our selection of inserts offer detailed insight into the individual products and services we offer. We've divided them into our four key product areas - voice, IT, data and mobile - with an overview page covering each area and more in-depth double-pagers on our range of services.


Voice Overview

Communication is integral to modern business operations. From telephone handsets from a range of manufacturers, to advanced contact centre solutions and technology, we'll keep you talking.


Hosted Telephony

With BT planning to decommission the nation's ADSL lines by 2025, time is running out to make the switch to digital telephony. Get a head start with hosted telephony from Silver Lining and discover the benefits of a virtual phone system.


Contact Centre

Contact centres are a big deal, and keeping them running smoothly is no small order. With our innovative and feature-rich solutions for the contact centre, you'll be handling agents, wallboards, reports and much more like a pro.


PCI Pro Appliance

Why navigate the minefield of PCI-DSS compliance when you can simply remove it?Leave the days of sensitive call recordings and draconian staff measures behind by removing your contact centre from scope with award-winning PCI Pro.


IT Overview

IT covers a lot of ground, from hardware and software, to infrastructure, to cloud services, to security and so much more. Fortunately, so do we. Let us work with you to enhance your existing IT setup, or build you a new one.


Cloud IT

The cloud is a curious beast. Powerful enough to virtualise your entire computer, yet most of us just use it for backing up the odd file or two. Discover what the cloud's really about, and how it could change the way you think about IT.


Data Backup

If your office burned down tomorrow, what would happen to your data? Would it take days of painstaking recovery to get it back? Do you even have a backup? Don't worry, we've got this. Whether physical or in the cloud, we'll back you up.


Hosted Desktop

Maintaining a PC is hard work, right? Imagine if someone else could take care of costly hardware and software upgrades for you. Now imagine all that was hosted in the cloud for you to access from anywhere. That's the power of Hosted Desktop.


Hosted Email

Email deserves to be accessed from anywhere, and our cloud-powered service delivers that and so much more thanks to Microsoft Exchange. Access your inbox, calendars, and more with no fuss.


Hosted Servers

If you're in need of your own space for a simple website or a complex onlnie platform, you could do a darn sight worse than a hosted server from Silver Lining. Whether virtual, physical or dedicated, we've got a server to suit your needs.


Data Overview

Having a rock-solid IT infrastructure is one thing, but it's all but useless if it's not connected to the outside world. Our range of connectivity solutions, from high-speed fibre to wireless radio internet, will ensure that once you're online, you stay online.


EtherReach Leased Lines

Super-fast fibre is sweeping the nation, but some businesses are being left in the slow lane. Fortunately we offer an alternative high-speed solution: internet connectivity delivered via wireless radio, with the speed and reliability of fibre.


Business Mobile

Mobile phones have become a hallmark of 21st-century business, however ensuring you're getting the most for your money can be a tricky endeavour. We'll scour the market to get you the best handsets, tariffs and mobile data packages.



The sad truth is, your IT and telecoms aren't bulletproof. Every device has its off days, and for those days, we offer expert support from our dedicated team. Choose a support level to suit you - if you need 24/7 support, 365 days a year, we can help.


SLPay Merchant Services

If you can't take payments, your business is dead on arrival. And the more ways you can take payments, the better! Thanks to our partnership with NetPay, we can now offer a selection of merchant services, from terminals to telephone payments.

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We provide our customers with a dedicated managed service, covering IT, mobility, voice & data solutions.

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