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View our latest infographics including the facts and figures around key IT and communication trends, from cloud IT to connectivity and from support to smartphones.


What exactly is big data?

Our marketing team are working hard to bring you more graphical goodness. Watch this space for a new infographic and article later this month.


How mobile is your business in 2016?

Our marketing team are working hard to bring you more graphical goodness. Watch this space for a new infographic and article later this month.


How's PCI compliance looking in 2016?

Our marketing team are working hard to bring you more graphical goodness. Watch this space for a new infographic and article later this month.


Should you choose ISDN or SIP in 2016?

The telephony landscape is changing. Internet calling is on the rise, and SIP trunking is making traditional analogue ISDN lines look very outdated. But does SIP really live up to the hype, or should you stick to your ISDN guns?

Disaster-Recovery-Icon 2

Is your business safe from disaster in 2016?

Any number of catastrophes can befall a business - data loss, hacks, natural disasters, and more - and it's important to have a continuity plan in place to get your business back on its feet should the worst happen.

Infographic - BYOD

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in 2015

You probably bring your own device to work, be it a smartphone, tablet, laptop or whatever else. This 21st-century trend is proving a challenge for IT managers to tackle - discover the facts and figures with our infographic.

Infographic - Cloud IT Stats

Cloud Technology in 2015

Cloud IT is the hot topic of this decade, offering unparalleled possibilities for online storage, distributed computeing power, and so much more. This infographic serves up a fresh helping of vital statistics about the state of cloud computing in 2015.

Infographic - Connectivity

Connectivity Challenges in 2015

These days, everything's connected - from your computer, to your smartphone, to your toaster. Okay, maybe not your toaster, but give it a few years and we'll see! Discover interesting facts and figures about connectivity and the World Wide Web.

Infographic - IT Support

IT Support Concerns in 2015

IT Support in 2015. Key findings of organisations across the UK to find out what IT leaders are really doing about IT support in the workplace. Understand how IT support is improving & evolving and what options are available across the industry. 

Infographic - Multichannel

Multi-Channel Communications in 2015

Contact centres on the use, and opinion of, Multi-channel communications. This rush to communicate in so many ways is leaving organisations exposed as they struggle to join the dots and deliver good quality, joined up service to their customers.

Infographic - PCI Compliance

What Does PCI Mean to You in 2015?

You've probably heard about the recent high-profile credit card data breaches in the news. Dealing with sensitive data is clearly a challenge; our infographic will catch you up with the state of PCI-DSS compliance and what businesses can do to get secure.

Infographic - Hotel Technology

How Are Hotels Embracing Technology in 2015?

The modern generation of tech-savvy hotel guests are placing increasing demand on the hotel industry to keep pace with home technology. Reliable Wi-Fi access and smart TVs are top of the tech trend list - check out our infographic to learn more...

Infographic - Cloud IT Journey

What's Up In The Cloud In 2015?

Discover the pitfalls and opportunities of cloud IT in 2015, and what it can do for your business. From online backup to full-blown hosted applications, getting you head in the cloud offers a world of opportunities.

Infographic - Toll Fraud

Are You at Risk of Toll Fraud in 2015?

Toll fraud is a billion-dollar business. Find out how fraudsters take advantage of loopholes in phone systems to run up massive charges - and the steps you can take to protect your business.

Infographic - Mobile Cloud

What are Mobiles Doing in the Cloud in 2015?

When we talk about the Cloud, we often refer to computers and servers. With the recent boom in smartphones and app development, mobiles are increasingly adopting cloud technology for their own ends.

Infographic - 3 Layers of Cloud

Navigating the 3 Layers of Cloud Computing

The cloud can be a confusing concept. Allow us to alleviate some of that confusion with this handy infographic that breaks down cloud computing into three simple layers - software, infrastructure and platform as a service.

Infographic - Converged Comms

How are Voice and Mobile Converging in 2015?

You may know us as Silver Lining, but our full name is Silver Lining Convergence. We figured it was about time we explained "convergence" a bit, so discover how fixed lines and mobiles have been converging with this infographic.

Infographic - IT Outsourcing

Why Should You Outsource Your IT in 2015?

Your business may pride itself on its tight-knit team of dedicated experts, but some specialised or laborious tasks can require a little outside help. Discover how outsourcing your IT can - and should - provide more than just cost savings.

Infographic - Connections