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Case Study - Gurit

GuritThe Gurit Group has established itself as an innovator in the composites industry as a manufacturer of advanced composite materials, supplier of composite solutions and engineering consultancy for a range of industries.

Gurit made its name in the high-end race boat market over 30 years ago and now supplies a wide spectrum of projects worldwide. Production boats focusing on manufacturing efficiencies, superyachts with unique design features, commercial and military vessels requiring robust yet low weight construction, as well as current race yacht programmes looking for improved quality, more efficient production, cost reduction, reduced weight or cutting edge performance, are all benefiting from Gurit’s complete composite solutions.


The Challenge

Gurit has two sites in Southern England; the Hamble office and Newport on the Isle of Wight.

When the Hamble office needed to review its existing telephone system,  which was imminently going to be out of contract, Gurit needed a capable supplier that could move quickly.  It was key that the selected supplier was able to take on the project without placing any burden on the Hamble office staff or Gurit’s central IT team which was already at full-stretch working on a number of major global IT projects.

Silver Lining was one of a number of suppliers invited in to assess the current situation, provide advice and make some recommendations.  Gurit liked what they heard and decided to proceed with the purchase of a state-of-the-art, premises-based SpliceCom S8000 Soft IP PBX with 11 extensions.


The Solution

To meet Gurit’s brief, the Silver Lining solution consisted of a number of key elements:

  • A SpliceCom S8000 Soft IP PBX
  • PCS60 Operator Console, supporting click to call transfer
  • A mix of PCS IP handsets for the general office and conference room
  • Gurit’s Global Corporate Telephone Directory was uploaded to give all of the Hamble office staff quick speed-dialling capability to any of Gurit’s 500 global staff members
  • A PoE switch for powering the desk handsets
  • iPCS mobility applications, enabling offsite and working from home



Key factors in Gurit’s choice of supplier:

  • Supplier responsiveness; the time between deciding on which system and the date it needed to be installed was just over two weeks.
  • Purchasing a solution that would be future-proof and could be utilised as an on-premise switch initially and migrated into the cloud at a later date if Gurit’s wider IT strategy required it.
  • Contractual flexibility.  Gurit was keen to avoid penalising long contractual lock-in terms.
  • An IP switch that is easy to use and allows the part-time receptionist to handle calls for part of the day and then switch the incoming calls over to ‘group pick up’ for out-of-hours.
  • Support for softphone mobility capability for future needs.
  • Existing Fax line replaced with Fax to Email service.

Part of Silver Lining’s proposed solution was to utilise the existing infrastructure where it made sense.  The legacy ISDN lines were replaced with QoS SIP trunks routed via Gurit’s existing 100Mb data link.

The system went live on the day that the old system went out of contract.  The switchover was seamless and not a single call was missed. 

Further down Gurit’s project priority list will be upgrading other global sites to IP telephony and potentially migrating over to a centralised cloud architecture incorporating Microsoft Lync.


We are really pleased. The migration to our new system was very easy and it is so much better than what we had before.  The flexibility the system offers, the better voice quality and the new features like the softphone mobility capability useful additions to us.

Alex Shimell, Marine Consultancy Director EMEA, Gurit UK

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