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Case Study - Fresh to Desk

F2DAs demand soars for public access to the internet over smartphones and tablets, free Wi-Fi was at the top of Fresh   to Desk’s priorities. For a new generation of up-and-coming tech-savvy restaurants, like Fresh to Desk, providing free      Wi-Fi couldn’t come soon enough.

Fresh to Desk was created out of a passion for good healthy, nutritious food. Fresh to Desk provide breakfast and lunch to thousands of business people every week and therefore it is vital that they provide those customers with Wi-Fi in order for them to access their email, documents and work related applications whilst in their restaurant.

The Challenge

Wi-Fi is no longer an added extra but a commodity. Fresh to Desk knew that free Wi-Fi access was high on their customer’s wish lists and it moved to steal a march on its rivals by quickly responding to that demand. Silver Lining ensured that Fresh to Desk had the correct bandwidth to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. Time and time again customers are left irritated by the inability to use free Wi-Fi due to the owners failure to recognise that more bandwidth is needed to accommodate peak times.

By providing free Wi-Fi it would help draw in casual visitors, who might then be encouraged to switch to Fresh to Desk’s breakfast and lunch menu.

The Solution

Silver Lining proposed a white label service, with Wi-Fi provided by Silver Lining but identified to the public as FreshtoDeskFreeWi-Fi. While the Silver Lining Wi-Fi platform filters out illegal content as a matter of course, Silver Lining’s Wi-Fi Protect offers the additional defence of a rule-based engine that specifically prevents access to pornography to both safe guard the restaurant’s image and reassure the public.

To make FreshtoDeskFreeWi-Fi attractive and easy to use, Fresh to Desk wanted to eliminate hassle, with a simple form-filling procedure. Accordingly, the Silver Lining Wi-Fi design means customers just have to click to accept the terms and conditions and they’re away. Also, as a managed service, Silver Lining provides 24/7 technical support.

“The feedback from customers and colleagues at Fresh to Desk was terrific,” says David Williams, Owner of Fresh to Desk. “This was a unique opportunity for us. The timescales we set ourselves were very, very challenging.” In fact, the restaurant wanted to finish the job in just 4 weeks and we achieved our target two weeks early.


FreshtoDeskFreeWi-Fi caught the enthusiasm of customers immediately. During the implementation project, wireless session numbers increased by an average of 33 per cent a month for six straight months. David Williams says: “After our secure Wi-Fi became available to customers, usage climbed to 1,500 wi-fi sessions a month and it’s still steeply rising. Meanwhile our profits have increased due to the increase in customers.”

David Williams, says: “Stories abound of how customers have suddenly realised the power of working online. The other day a couple in the queue needed to urgently pay a house deposit. Using FreshtoDeskFreeWi-Fi I was able to help them logon and make their payment online over our secure Wi-Fi connection. The woman, who had never visited Fresh to Desk before, was so impressed that she is now a loyal customer, using the restaurant for business meetings, catching up on her emails and of course to enjoy our tasty menu.”

Silver Lining will continue to assist  Fresh to Desk in their quest to provide high quality free Wi-Fi to their customers and employees, whilst ensuring 24/7 support and maintenance.

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