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Wide Area Network (WAN)

As your business grows so will the need to create a secure, scalable Wide Area Network (WAN). It is vital that you ensure the WAN design provides fast service, reliability and resilience to support your business objectives.

We deliver, manage and support advanced network solutions including WAN, enabling secure access to enterprise applications and the sharing of information between any location and any device.

We can supply a wide range of WAN related technologies such as:

  • Managed IPVPN
  • Leased lines
  • Professional business routers
  • WAN management tools
  • High speed Ethernet
  • Load balancing

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What is a Wide Area Network (WAN)? 

WAN is a collection of computers and network resources connected via a network over a geographic area. Wide-Area Networks are commonly connected either through the Internet or special arrangements made with phone companies or other service providers. In a WAN, one network may be anywhere from several hundred miles away, to across the globe in a different country.

What are the benefits of a Wide Area Network (WAN)? 

The principal advantage of a WAN is its size. By linking multiple sites together, LANs allow communication between entities on different sides of the country or even the other side of the world. This can be especially beneficial for businesses, allowing them to centralise key operations.

WAN technology can be used to access network resources remotely, including other WANs or LANs. For example, a company could allow its employees to access its local network from home using their Internet connection. This can facilitate flexible working, which is ideal for sales man on the road.




We work to agreed SLAs to protect and maintain your business critical services.



WAN can help organisations evolve as business needs change.



Highly trained support professionals available & advanced monitoring.



We provide remote monitoring and first line support.

We receive a blend of different technologies from different providers. Each technology is fit for purpose, or the best value, or the best technology.

Dan Davis, Head of IT, Fusion People 

Industry Statistic

50% of IT professionals mention Private Cloud Deployments as top change planned for 2015.

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