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The world of security on the Internet has changed. It's not just about having antivirus software and a firewall in place anymore. 21st-century cyber criminals are using ever more sophisticated methods to cause serious damage to businesses.

We're not talking about the popup adverts and junk mails which plagued the internet a decade ago. Now, the target is your vulnerable data, be it employee and customer records or sensitive credit card information. We face a raft of new threats including ransomware and advanced phishing techniques, all designed to exploit the vulnerabilities in systems and people.

It's not a lost cause though. You can protect yourself and your data online. The solution isn't some off-the-shelf software - it's education, raising awareness of new threats, and building a plan to secure your business.

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We can offer you a full audit and analysis of your IT infrastructure to identify any potential vulnerabilities, and provide advice and consultancy on the best steps to take moving forward. Our recommendations consist of software and hardware solutions to prevent security issues, and best practices to raise awareness and mitigate the effects of social engineering.

We now have the resilience of a £100m company should have but we no longer have to fight with our suppliers

Dan Davis, Head of IT, Fusion People

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We provide our customers with a dedicated managed service, covering IT, mobility, voice & data solutions.

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