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  • EtherReach radio internet link
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Business continuity


  • Fit-for-purpose technology
  • First-rate management
  • Ongoing innovation


Silver Lining is proud to support Anson Group by providing a wireless internet leased line and hosted telephony converged solution.
Anson Group has for the past fifteen years specialised in providing a wide range of support services to companies and funds. Anson Fund Managers Limited set the standard for the delivery of Company Secretarial and fund administration, accounting, valuation and compliance services. 


Anson was undergoing a restructuring that saw them separate their business into two areas. Due to this change Anson needed a new IT infrastructure that was resilient, scalable and fit for purpose.  

Anson had a major problem, they ordered a fibre line from a carrier that let them down after 3 months of waiting. Anson’s office move was imminent and they were without connectivity, putting them in an extremely serious situation. 

On top of this the fibre connection was £2,500 for the installation and a further £6,000 a year. 


Silver Lining provided Anson Group with a complete hosted IT and telephony solution. Combined with a 20Mb connection via a Radio Network also known as EtherReach. Anson use this radio connection for their cloud infrastructure and hosted telephony. Anson’s IT infrastructure sits in Silver Lining’s data centre, accessible via the Cloud. The radio connection is vital for day to day running of the business as without the solution Anson are unable to access their hosted applications.

Silver Lining’s radio network, EtherReach is a wireless radio solution that delivers internet connectivity, with all the speed and reliability of fibre optic connections, at lower cost and installed in as little as five days. EtherReach is available in areas where traditional connectivity is unavailable or prohibitively expensive. EtherReach does not suffer from cable breaks and other faults associated with “last mile” cabled connectivity.

Unlike shared services where bandwidth varies, especially at peak times, our EtherReach network is a dedicated service that guarantees bandwidth availability at all times. This makes EtherReach ideal for a diverse and reliable backup solution to ensure business continuity.

Silver Lining also provided Anson with a cabled 2Mb leased line for resilience should the worst happen. Anson needed resilience because their entire infrastructure was in the Silver Lining data centre. However, in the last two years Anson have still never had to use their backup line due to the reliability of the radio network.

Since launching the radio network, Silver Lining now have points of presence (POPs) in Fareham, Portsmouth, North Hampshire, Northampton, London and Brussels.

Our SLAs are also backed by a team of dedicated experts as well as advanced proactive network monitoring which ensures that should anything go wrong our team are available 24/7.

“Our radio network allows us to receive reliable, high speed connectivity at a competitive price. The service was delivered against tight timelines with no hidden charges. Silver Lining’s professional, dedicated team worked with us, leaving us the perfect solution for our business.”

Darren Dunsire, Anson Group


Anson Group’s EtherReach connection costs them just £350 a month & setup was free, compared to a total £8,500 first-year cost for a fibre line, including installation. This saved them around £4,300 In the first year alone, and will continue to offer savings versus fibre.

Anson’s backup 2Mb line costs them only £16 a month.



With IT infrastructure hosted within Silver Lining’s data centre and a 2Mb backup line, Anson are well positioned in the event of disaster.


Anson’s EtherReach connection offers them dedicated high-speed bandwidth, allowing them to host both telephony and cloud IT without issue.


Thanks to the reliability of the EtherReach network, Anson have never had to fall back on their 2Mb backup line.

“It is essential we understand our customers’ business goals for the next five years. This lets us work in partnership with them to deliver effective IT and data solutions now and in the future. Customers receive a dedicated account management team throughout the process, ensuring seamless integration and a professional service.”

Allan Packer, MD, Silver Lining

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